How do you feel about Guardian Takedown now?

The past few weeks have seen some notable buffs to the dedicated loot from the Guardian Takedown (especially the Smog), an increase to dedicated drops and the chance for M6 gear to drop. In my own co-op sessions people seem happier to play it.

I wonder how people if this is representative of how people find it generally. Feel free to share thoughts for developing it further below as well, particularly if your vote would be on the more negative side.

  • Great!
  • Good
  • OK, I suppose
  • Meh
  • Ugh…
  • Grr!

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Myself I’d say there’s some significant things which could simply be done to improve the overall experience.

  1. Put in checkpoints and vendors after each crystal puzzle.
  2. Further buff the Webslinger and Globetrotter. Let the Webslinger not do self-damage so the weapon can be competent in combat and we can spring ourselves off things without killing ourselves. Also buff the Lightspeed and make it possible to get a homing variant.

It’s worse than Maliwan takedown at release in my opinion, last I checked. In short, the time investment and difficulty did not match the reward. But personally, I think the takedowns are a poor concept to begin with. Who the heck thinks wasting time on reclearing trivial enemies each time you die to the boss is a good or fun idea?

At this point, I would prefer they stop wasting time and manpower on these takedowns and make content that is actually enjoyable. The mini events with Maurice at least are fun.


It’s a bit of a time investment (always keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t crash while running it) but I don’t really see much of a way of shortening it besides perhaps having the crystals charge faster, though I think the crystal parts are fine as they are.

I still dislike the platforming, though admittedly I have not missed a jump ever. I still grit my teeth when making those jumps though.

Those little grumbles aside… I love the two bosses, probably two of my favorite bosses in the game. Cool mechanics and design. I’ll be the first one in line to grumble about boss immunity phases but I think they’re actually OK with these two bosses (especially with Scourge’s since you can break it by detonating a Diadem guardian near him.)


I love the maliwan takedown atm. Got 5 dedicated drops last run. It’s not like anyone of them was great but at least you see a chance to get something good.

Can’t vote for the guardian takedown… Can’t do it with my M10 moze on M4 difficulty. Idk why but the enemies have to much live.


Can’t vote cuz I haven’t even tried it yet tbh…

The rewards could be guaranteed, and the most OP things in the game, and I still wouldn’t run it.
Not until checkpoints are put in at the crystals and platforming areas.
Since platforming was added without giving the player some control, it is too easy to get messed up through zero fault of the player. Having to start from the beginning again for the game not properly placing your character after a jump, just not worth it.


After doin G Takedown about 10 times across 4 vault hunters, it’s still trash…

  • I hate that “stand on the crystals and charge them while infinite guardians show up” mechanic
  • Even worse, I hate the fact that it’s TIME-based…and you instantly fail if you run out because…reasons?
  • Both main bosses are weak and uninteresting (should take inspiration from Eclipse in TPS)
  • Enemies are still bullet spongey, even after patch.
  • ^Which pigeonholds you into using the most powerful, broken builds, instead of your own, in a game supposed to be about freedom of choice.
  • Guardian knockback is ridiculous at times, especially if you’re caught jumping
  • Attempts to be a Destiny raid, but Destiny raids have CHECKPOINTS :expressionless:
  • ^And if you’re playing with friends, and you die, get that popcorn ready & go watch an episode on Netflix (which is actually something I’ve done)…only for your friends to die too and start the whole thing over :smiley:
  • And at the end of all this, what do you get?
    Webslinger, which is STILL weak after 2 buffs…
    Smog, a gun really on good on a shield Zane (you lose amp too often on others)…
    Globetrottr, decent launcher but far outclassed by Plague & Burner, which are easier to get
    Lightspeed…back in my day, grenades used to kill things without gimmicks :thinking:
    Asclepius? status resistance while depleted? Big OP, much broken, such wow

Rant done…I’m just effectively retired from doin this lmao


Still don’t like it. (Actually, I hate it.)
→ Not enough checkpoints.
→ Jumping puzzle is stupid. It is a cheap way to extend the playtime and difficulty.
→ Final boss immune phase.


Until the second one came out, I was unnecessarily intimidated by the Maliwan one. Now I enjoy them both. I didn’t put “Great” because Wotan still glitches out for me on occasion, but the combat is still fun.

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  • first part is fine, it’s really nice, that I don’t have to do the crystal tutorial every time
  • 1st crystal puzzle is tedious on your own, but doable if you finish 1 crystal before starting the others. I would prefer a scaled timer and mob density for every participant, though.
  • entrance is skippable, if you climb through the door, which I hope never gets fixed
  • first jumping puzzle is fine, I guess, you can skip it with the right modifier and build and don’t die if you fail. Jumping puzzles are way to rudimentary and easy, though. I wished they made a more exciting experience than "jump from quadratic platform A to moving quadratic platform B.*
  • Anathema, too repetetive. He isn’t really changing tactics at all, just more of the same for every bar he has. Additionally, running away sucks, give us a way to interrupt his detonation animation.
  • next part can be skipped which I’m really thankful for, as well. Just…if we have to kill all existing enemies, make all enemies present at once
  • 2nd crystal, same as 1st
  • next mobbing area is fine, platforming is kindergarten and adds nothing to this area. Erase the middle platform which probably kills a lot of people getting bounced off it and make an extended jumping puzzle with an enemy flooded area beyond it. Just like before Anathema.
  • Scourge, nice design, the mobbing after being teleported is killing the pace of the fight again. It just takes too long. Have Scourge have faster regen, put some badass guardians on those platforms and if they are killed open the portal.
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It’s not as tedious as it once was, but that is mainly due to a niche overpowered FL4K and practice. I’m personally better at the platforming bits through repetition but I still really wish they weren’t quite so punishing for falling off.

Lootwise it is improved but has a long way to go. Final boss needs chests to spawn after kill and there needs to be multiple dedicated/unique drops at 100% drop chance to counteract the harsh rng with anointments and parts .

Maliwan Takedown is around 15 mins for my melee Zane (not as powerful as my FL4K). Guardian Takedown more like 50 for the same character and build.

If the rewards matched the time investment it would be a great raid. It is, after all, supposed to be hard.

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Maliwan Takedown we get loot from the upper half, bottom half, each of the legs and the brain. Guardian Takedown we should get lootsplosions erupting at various points at the arena, each one with the chance to drop M6 weapons and dedicated drops.

After the Takedown scaling being introduced for Maliwan Takedown, I’m pretty confident Gearbox will do what it takes to polish this into a diamond.

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Quick check… Yup, still need to jump around platforms. Still not going to play it.

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It’s cheesy, but currently, Moze in Dakka Bear is amazing for the GTD. It requires a dedicated Auto-Bear build on M10, my hybrid build can’t last long enough against all of the damage, without spec’ing for Bear’s toughness. But other Mozes may have different approaches.

I can clear the first boss with 80% confidence now, using a split-screen Amara/Moze duo on M10. Going up to 3 and 4 players is a lot more difficult, and AutoBear doesn’t last nearly as long with the extra adds. Oddly, I can run True GTD with my duo up to the last boss without much problem, assuming I can make the jumps.

And that’s the issue. Even a 10% increase to speed is enough to ruin the pattern for me. I couldn’t figure out why Moze kept overshooting this past week, when before she was always falling (literally) short. Turns out her new shield was giving her enough of a boost that my trained over-compensating was too much.

I still hate the jumping, but I can navigate them fairly well with Amara. Moze still has issues for me, even without the speed boost. I think the unforgivable instant-death is a real mistake for a game that, arguably, has a more mature fan base, given the franchises age. I’d rather deal with extra spawns or a “timeout zone”, similar to the Circles, where I can rejoin the group after they clear the next wave.

And then there’s the group play. After all they did to improve the action of reviving your allies and increase FFYL survivability, it falls short against enemies that can knock you across the map, off the map, or keep you juggled in the air until your allies die. Reviving allies needs a complete overhaul OR they need to tone down the knockback.

I get that the knockback is a part of the crystal charging and the unforgiving falls. But it ruins the experience of co-op play. I play with two friends, and if one goes down, me taking the time try to revive them in a fight, will most likely result in both of us dying. The team loses DPS, since I can’t fire. I’m taking a ton of damage since I can’t move. And when we both die, then the third person is usually SOL. Some ways they could make this better are:

  • Enemies only have the stronger knockback while on the crystal platforms. The FFYL party can move off the platform a bit to get revived.
  • Increase the revive area so a single hit doesn’t move you out of range.
  • Like the crystals, allow the revive to pick up where I left off after I got bumped. Sure, my ally can still bleed out, but don’t make me start over every half second when I’m getting mobbed.
  • Better still, once I start the revive process, allow me to just have to stay near them, so I can keep fighting. And if I’m out of range, moving closer continues the revive (like the crystals).
  • Make it very difficult for reviving players to be moved, maybe even give us a bit of DR. Hell, make it a perk or aspect of other skills or traits, such as melee damage or DR on gear.

And seriously, the bosses have way too many immunity phases. It actually feels worse, on the first boss, when I’m too efficient. If I’m playing Moze and using a non-Rocketeer COM, I can burn through Annie’s shield faster than I can get IB back up between phases. So I have to actually reduce my DPS to drag the fight out longer. That’s a terrible system.

Geez, I could go on and on. I can only hope that GBX pays attention and makes adjustments for future content. But I won’t hold my breath on them listening (like they did with making the events optional). Most likely they will double down (like they do with most everything else), and make the next takedown built around timed-jumping puzzles that have to be completed during combat, whilst escorting and protecting the worlds’ slowest NPC, who will randomly sprint away to toss themselves into the void. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I feel the same as I did when it came out: It’s inherently awful and I don’t feel the need to bother with it. Even without additional gimmicks, the basic way Takedowns work makes me feel better just avoiding them. I completed Maliwan once, and I’m perfectly happy never doing another Takedown.

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Yeah im not a huge fan of takedowns because of the checkpoint system sometimes i can run through maliwan takedown no problem other times i make one mistake and bam have to start halfway through again the one thing that make me very angry is the wotan bug where he becomes immune to all damage fight all the way to get to him and this happens now if there was a checkpoint before the fight then this would not be a problem they dont want people to farm him.

Most people don’t like it because its the only hard content in the game. Still though, there are some actual complaints. Smog, Lightspeed, Glob, and Webslinger all need massive buffs, there needs to be more respawn beacons, and the platforming should never be tried again unless you get teleported back when you fall off. Guardian takedown is still the most mechanically fun content in any Borderlands game. It just sucks that the rewards are not worth the challenge of running through it.


I still haven’t been able to complete it. It’s simply not worth the effort–it takes too long for zero reward. And I don’t think people dislike it b/c it’s hard in general–it’s hard for the wrong reasons. The difficulty should be in the combat, which is the point of the game–I don’t mind having to fight dozens of enemies at once. The difficulty should not be about platforming, avoiding radiation bubbles and no checkpoints.

I’ve yet to die from enemies shooting me–only from falling off the map or Anethema’s radiation bubble. After two or three tries I just can’t continue because it 's too tedious–getting to Anathema isn’t hard, just time consuming, which is boring and not a challenge whatsoever.

Doing something as simple as giving a checkpoint when you reach Anathema and then defeat him would make it exponentially better.

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I’ve been running it more frequently and it’s been better with the buffs to dedicated drop rates,as it has been stated in other posts the only way I die is the platforming when I miss a grasp or get pushed off by an enemy,this still is tiresome considering the time it takes to complete and agree that a check point before the final boss and reducing the amount of knock back from enemys would be welcomed

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