How do you feel about Lilith

so, i was wondering, how do you guys feel about her after everything she did to jack and mainly athena. i mean, at the time they tried to blow up the eye of helios and kill him he already had done some nasty stuff, BUT she showed no consideration to whoever was with him (the 4 vault hunters). she had absolutely no idea if they were also bad guys or just mere people doin what they were paid to, but still disregarded them.

also, many people justify her attempt to kill athena as her stress or emotional instability, but should i remember that thats exactly the thing that led jack to kill the scientists? and liking or not she cant simply act however she wants when she needs to decide the fate of someone. besides, it gets worse because the guys shes friend with for a long time, the same guys that also lost roland, and the same guys she label as her 2 best men were totally against the (rather coward) execution.

and to top it: if she blamed athena for the death of her loved one(s) for not killing jack, then why she just didnt kill him in the vault? and why she blames her for helping jack in his ascension if theyre mercenaries, they help who pays best?

anyway, shes not a bad person, and (although shes slowly losing her mind and being reckless) she definitely will not turn into a new handsome jack, but i think shes not the (smokin hot) nice girl she was up until bl2.

  • I started disliking her a bit since TPS
  • I feel the same way as always
  • I still love her and everything she did was justified (although it wasnt, really)

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Biased poll. Not participating.

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theres absolutely no reason to believe that risking a life that way is justifiable. if it wasnt for the watcher an “innocent” would be dead

I love Lilith. She is one of my favorite Vault Hunters.

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When I see that, it makes me think you’re not asking for a different view point, but that you’re asking for people to agree with you. Hence my bias comment.


i like zer0 the most, hes all like “i became a vault hunter because killing politicians was way too easy”

Brick is my all time favorite.

as far as ive seen absolutely NO ONE thinks that executing someone against objections of 2 close friends, officers AND people who also lost all the “loved ones” she cares so much. so yeah, if you disagree youre alone in this

And my honest opinion about the ending? It was just bad writing. Her just punching him is dumb, and the execution was just a dramatic situation for that Eridian to enter so it could foreshadow BL3. That’s how I think about it.

Anyways, SpiderTeo has had some… interesting things to say about that execution in the past. I’m sure if you just search him you might find his very detailed opposing viewpoint.

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i mean, there are barely 8 seconds between the time athena finishes telling the story to the decision to kill her. im not asking a goddamn trial or anything, but deciding the fate of someone just like that? and ignoring her 2 best friends? im not asking anyone to agree with me, im just exposing the opinion everyone has

Agreed. The whole thing feels like a cheap set up just to have the Eridian show up and block the bullets.

Besides, now when I see it I’m more bothered by the excess bloom and color saturation. I’m not kidding, I can’t get over it. There’s so damn much :p.

i think it has more to do with liliths mental state by that point, but also that of course

goddamn, the colors in TPS are just awful

I don’t mind the rest of the game, it’s just that one cutscene that gets me :p.

Also, I guess I lied and participated :p.

sometimes when im shooting people and start to get shot from somewhere else i find troublesome to locate such enemies. but im the brawler guy, cmon, i brawl with zer0

I do not see the issue - Lil is a Vaulthunter after all, so not an angel. And well, Athena is coldblooded headhunter on the run…who helped Jack to gain his power, which led to the dead of many friends.

After all, that interview takes place after the story of BL2 as far I know. They had to deal with Jack while Athena was on the run and a minor problem.
With the story of the Knoxx-DLC in mind, Athena could be a traitor, at least in Lils opinion. And Athenas loyalty is…changing with the wind. I mean, I love her, I really do, but she´s a coldblooded tigress after all.

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I liked Lilith enough to let her kill Handsome Jack at the end of Borderlands 2.

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I actually had the opposite happen. I never finished playing her in Borderlands, and in BL2 the only character that interested me less was Roland.

Definitely frustrating being victim to her shenanigans, but suddenly she developed a personality, and got some real zingers.
She isn’t a favourite character of mine or anything, but approval of her has actually gone up. Characters don’t need to be great people for me to find them interesting (Jack is still my favourite and he is the epitome of assholery.)

I disagree with her being a nice sweet girl. She was always a Blood Knight - phasewalking through bandits and cackling, burning her followers in BL2 - she hurts Jack and Athena because you’re playing those she considers villians, not because she’s suddenly gotten darker. You’ve just been on the receiving end of how she treats anyone she doesn’t like.


well, if you see mordecai lines in the first game you remember why theyre not angels lol.

seriously, when he laughs it creeps me out

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