How do you feel about Phoebe now?

Besides the whole “I want to marry her” part. How does everyone feel about her?

With only the melee characters in mind, the Winter update provided buffs to Shayne and Summer update provided buffs to El dragon & Attikus which put them all in nice place. Deande is still in a nice spot and Rath has still the safest and most effective initiation in game. That being said, where do you think Phoebe stands?

Now that she can’t silence minions anymore will make her more susceptible to damage (especially when the minions get stronger) on meltdown since she has to get up close for everything then get targeted by the enemy battleborn on top of that.

On incursion, she suffers the same fate especially if she is the only melee. Single lane makes it much more easier to take her out if she extends a bit to grab some exp.

Just in case, I really want this discussion to be where you think she stands compared to other Battleborn (Escaping, damage, skills, defense, etc). Tips are nice but not really looking for that unless someone else really wants tips. I wonder what the new people think about the character and how difficult it is to learn her.

Right now, I kind of feel like she is an after thought melee now compared to the others. Don’t get me wrong, I can still make it work with her but I feel like the other melees are better picks due to nice CC they can bring to the party.

After the update, I feel like aggressive advance is now the better choice due to her blade rush silence receiving an indirect nerf. Her blade rush skill that already felt kinda useless is a bit more useless now.

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I know you know a lot about Phoebe and I do not so I may be wrong here :stuck_out_tongue: [quote=“RedX, post:1, topic:1562387”]

Obviously the level 6 is perfect for getting in and getting out, but before that it seems incredibly risky to Phasegate in, especially against someone with a stun.[quote=“RedX, post:1, topic:1562387”]

Her helices basically make it so you sacrifice one for the other and I quite like that there are two options. For damage specifically there’s another two paths to follow, either crosscut-bladesweep or just her basic melee combo. Correct me if I’m wrong but crosscut-bladesweep is higher dps than basic, but is harder to use right? If so then I like the way it works (but I do need to get A LOT of practice in on crosscut-bladesweep)

You pretty much summed up Blade Rush, I think it’s quite possibly the worst skill on the game. Without the silence it is just useful to tag minions with. I think it should have some sort of cc effect on applied from melee attacks on the base skill (either the silence, maybe a shorter one, or a wound).

Her ult is good, but it’s also risky. She’s one of the few characters who has to go in to use her ult and that makes her very vulnerable, unlike Shayne who has a similar ult but can use it from ranged. Combined with Phasegate slow it’s very good but it’s just alright on it’s own. She can also get stunned out of the ult during the initial animation which is kinda annoying :confused:

Phoebe is a strong character pretty much because of her single target damage, I think she’s in a good place now other than Blade Rush being useless!


I like Phobe. She’s kinda adorable in an I will rek you kinda way. But if i was going to marry a battleborn we all know where my heart lies. I find I just don’t really know how to make things happen with Phobe unless I have a pocket miko


Phoebe has the best stick power of all melees, and an amazing escape that also makes for a good initiation later on. (When I say stick power, I mean the ability to keep close on an opponent’s tail and chase them down)

Her hitbox is a little janky in some cases. Is the skirt a part of her hitbox or not? I can never tell.

Anyways, she does have high single target damage and obliterate at least one squishy before moving on to either kill another or get outta dodge. I feel like she has one of the longest ranges in the game for melee attacks, making quick melee a bit more useless when you try to push her back.

Overall it’s very frustrating for me to fight a good one, and her ult is pretty awesome for when you feel like killing something. Almost every single helix she has is great/viable, not something that can be said for other characters…

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I feel like she was semi meta in the league games and most drafts. Mostly because after bans and honor bans she’s the closest thing to a melee tank, if you even build her like that. Now that dragon and ati are much more viable and with gal probably losing honor ban status there are other choices for that role. So she may shift more to the melee assassin but again there are probably other characters that can fill the role better.

Yup, definitely agree. The other melee characters have instantaneous escapes while phoebe’s teleport takes about 1-2 seconds to charge up before she disappears which she will be opened to CCs.

That’s one of the thing she has going for her and I dare to say the only thing unfortunately. Her raw damage and attack speed are insane and she is able to clean up nicely… only thing is she has to keep on attacking to keep up her 30% dmg reduction. Now, characters like El dragon will keep their dmg reduction regardless what happens due to his skills/passive & still output impressive damage. So who is a better char of the late game? Phoebe or El Dragon?

@beta382 explains the difference between blade sweep and regular combo extremely well but my impression is that her full combo does more damage than true strike build (especially when you have sharpened blades, flurry and any other gear) & you have to be close to initiate that damage. Plus not using damage reduction will reduce her survival Imo.

Yea, that’s just my biggest thing, blade rush. That skill definitely needs something by default so this way you can keep whatever default is or switch to silence at Lv 1. Agree with everything too, she is pretty risky and requires good char knowledge and awareness to pull through in a competitive setting. Honestly, if I could make quick change it would be:

  • Reduce the time (just by a pinch) of the phasegate animation before teleport. Lol, have a feeling some people may not like that but there is honestly a lot of ways she can get knocked out of it easily and with nothing else she can do after and I believe after the Winter update she has a new exit animation? that’s more brighter and recognizable that you can easy aim a skill at and kill her when she exits.

  • Give blade rush something at default

  • Possibly give her something else with her phasegate to bring more usefulness to the Team - example: helix option at lv 6 to compete with contingency plan. Time for you to go away disruptor blades

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Remember, these two still require a lot more work to do good with and take far longer to ramp up and reach their “full potential” (so to speak) than Phoebe does. “Full potential”, as in, their core helix and the point in the game (in their case, late-game) that they become very powerful. Attikus hits seven and he’s good to go. El Dragon hits six and he’s good to go, although the clothesline lifesteal may be necessary in some matches.

Whereas with Phoebe, she’s almost set up right out the gate.


Yeah, Phoebe’s nice and all, but Big Daddy Atty is just too handsome and kind to pass up. You fell for him, too, huh?

Yea, exactly what I was thinking… which I hate to admit.

Totally agree! She does have the longest reach and can easily back peddle melee hit them… until you get catsmash + crossblade. Lol

I’m just worried that she will fall behind in the melee category

I definitely agree that both dragon do take more work and attention to stacks and are very late game. Maybe it’s just me but with pheobe I always feel like I need to get to the next important level to be viable.
Level 1 man once I get the slow I’ll be able to do so much more.
Level 2 man once I get that extra shield or damage I’ll be able to do more.
Level 3-4 man once I get that damage reduction I’ll be so much better.
Level 5 man once I get 2 phasegates I’ll be able to do anything.
Level 6 man once I get that attack speed I’ll be set

So again maybe it’s just me but I never feel content with what level I’m at and maybe that’s how it should be anyway idk.

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I hate how phoebe can be classified as a tank because I want to usr her as a backline assassin with no lane presense, but with the current meta I have to use her as a tank which is unfortunate because I like killing lol.

Attikus’s pounce is like a better version of phasegate. Id rather have the 3 second slow instead of the field because no one is gonna stay in it.

She is at an awkward position right now and is much like Attikus’s situation where whenever they dive in, they get pretty much bullied. This doesn’t occur much with el dragon because he has a knock up and weakness helix along with permanent damage reduction.

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Oh course I meant Deande, however I did make that statement knowing full well that people would come in and say things that are not Deande.


I think she’s doing fine compared to other melee characters. Her helix choices make her very versatile and I consider her the best assassin in the game, if played correctly. That’s mainly due to her lvl 6 mutation, which is probably one of the best choices in the game, as it basically is a strong initiator and a great escape tool fused together. That, combined with her ult and great dps on her basic attacks and the ability to keep damaging enemies even while they’re running away make her capable of wiping out entire teams at once, given the right situation, which only very few other characters can achieve on a regular basis.

I’m not worried about her being outclassed by other melee characters at all, but I do agree that Blade Rush is in need of a tweak as it probably definitely is one of the, if not the, most useless skills in the game after the removal of silence-stuns on minions.

There already is a scarce amount of phoebe’s out there and that all sounds good on paper but competitively she gets kinda wrecked with the CC


Who doesn’t?

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Yea, I agree. Only way to avoid the CCs is going tank build & you aren’t going to be putting out that type of damage to destroy back lines like you said. Honestly, I feel better playing Deande when I see others picking CC characters since she can contribute more. Building damage is the way to go but maybe we will see something later when/if cleanse comes out so when teamed up with said person it will provide for better opportunities.

I got ya covered :kissing_heart:

Never thought I’d see a Phoebe take 120K+ damage in one match :sweat_smile:


That’s true. I’m also a strong believer of phoebe being better than shayne due to that reason alone. I’m not worried about her being “outclassed” by other melees, she is one of the best damage dealers in game but my thing is with the current meta and improvements that other characters got. Would you pick phoebe over them?

A character like deande can accomplish what a phoebe can do every 20-30 seconds with burst dash and escape safely and also team wipe with her ult just like phoebe. El dragon, now with good static DR has better initiation with his pop up which he can go in faster than a phoebe. I can list a couple of more examples but what I’m just trying to say is that other char can do what phoebe does easier without being bullied into the ground. So my question is… what else can she bring to the table that will make players wanna pick her compared to the other melee. Right now… the only reason I hear people say is “you are really good with phoebe so play her” lol. We need to all band together and put her to top tier

I don’t think she is in a really bad spot at all but don’t want her to fall behind either

Thanks fam <3

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Hm yeah I might be biased because of the same reason, I’m way better with Phoebe than I am with other melee characters so I find it easier to initiate with her than I do with, say Dragon or Deande. That said, getting matched against a good Phoebe is one of the scariest things to me.