How do you feel about Phoebe now?

Deande team wiping with her ult? Doesn’t sound familiar. I see almost guaranteed kills with Burst Dash, and sometimes double kills because of stabbing another low-health squishy before escaping, but team wiping? I mean, if Deande tags more than like two people with her ult it doesn’t really kill, unless they all have EXTREMELY low health.

Yet he’s still squishier, takes longer to amp up, bigger target…

Intense stick and chase power, A-grade escape, silence at level one that can be made explosive in an albeit small radius, semi-tanky (30% DR that can be active all the time? Dang), evasive maneuvers, high DPS.

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When playing with a good team… whoever deande ults… is dead… no questions asked. Your team kills them, not you. If you got 1 or two people left over there isn’t much they can do but wait for their team to spawn or go out and die

Yea… I totally agree with everything. Thinking positive too.

I think this is mitigated by the passive 15% dmg increase that all attackers have now against non Battleborn enemies. So unless you are standing still and letting them shoot you in the face (which I know you are not and even if you were the sustain is still improved because minions don’t crit anymore) then she shouldn’t have any problems w/ minions. Or at least I haven’t noticed not being able to silence minions having a dramatic impact on her effectiveness.

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Well it’s not really that easy to pull of but it’s consistently doable. The activation delay can hold you back but if you coordinate beforehand with your team, get the paragdim shifts and wrath of the wilds ready, the fact that it is an AOE stun can lead to a nice team wipe.

One thing that I’ve always liked doing is having @blainebrossart1 cover me with catalytic smash as I pop my ult then have him dreadwind the enemy team to nothing. And if that wasn’t enough I’ve usually got a few other good friends backing me up as well. Side note, Blaine we need to practice this with waveform smash for the Xbox league.

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I fought Phoebe on Capture Point with Whisky. This player went 13 to 1. When I unloaded my grenades, shrapnel, AND my ult on her. she tanked it all, killed me (and others) and went to mind her business. So I assumed most Phoebe players were enjoying the ■■■■ out of her atm. Or maybe Whiskey sucks, (I do my best not to suck with most games I play lol.) But she was able to effortlessly kill everyone by building tank, and dodging everything. She did this again as I got matched with her ass on meltdown…again.

Oh, I thought you meant Deande team wiping by herself. My bad.