How do you get a gold rating?

Archives for example on advanced.
Did everything found every chest escort took no damage boss died really fast.
Ended up with silver and not sure what else we could have done.

I think it’s:

  1. Number of enemies killed (the teleporters count as well).
  2. Number of chests opened.
  3. Amount of score “balls” picked up, especially the yellow ones which disappear quickly.
  4. The number of shards acquired, either through a shard generator or being picked up.
  5. The number of turrets and traps built (build all you can!)
  6. Not using any lives (dying may be fine as long as the dying player doesn’t have to respawn).
  7. The number of challenges successfully completed.

I’ve found it’s easier to get gold with 3 or more players, but even 5 can get a silver depending upon the above. I think I’ve only gotten bronze bronze once with two others because we didn’t do everything. I did get a silver soloing The Archive, but I died a few times. It’s hard to get a gold, but I don’t think it’s tied to score, I think it’s tied to how much you accomplished during the mission.

Your medal earned at the end of the mission is affected by a multitude of things, but how you get from copper to silver to gold is largely weighed by how much bonus score you pick up from defeated bosses. Every time you slay a boss or certain minibosses, they spit out these little yellow spheres. They disappear after a few seconds, though. These little spheres add bonus score to your final score at the end of the mission. It’s kind of silly, but the more of those you can pick up, the easier it becomes to achieve gold.

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Also accuracy rating

I have noticed, do not build fire turrets, build the ones that slow the enemies down. (cant think of the name)

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Lives, turrets built, and shards don’t matter. It’s kills, score balls, and score tokens. Tested through many hours of pve, especially through trying to get silver on The Sentinel.

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Temporal traps? If you’re talking about the middle option when building one, then it’s temporal.

Really? I’m glad you mentioned that because my friend was under the impression the number of turrets you built counted. Thanks for the clarification. I wish those yellow score tokens didn’t disappear so quickly though…

Temporal is the one I was talking about…I should know what they are, but had a big brain fart lol

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Happens to the best of us. :dukecheese: