How do you get Blue thingys in bl3?

What are those blue thingys that pop up when you kill enemy’s. I have two skill trees for moze maxed out. And I rarely see one blue thing. But when I watch YouTube people they have like 12 of those things at one time you know.

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Probably boosters from Slayer modifier or Lootsplosion.

Are you sure the kill skills? I have a beastmaster in normal mode no mayham that gets like 6 at a time when I’m killing bad guys but my moze gets none.

Not sure about what “blue thing” you are talking, so it’s only a guess. Post s screen or clip for reference.

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@GrzesPL yes no problem

See all the blueness lol

skills active.

Explain how my.moze have none of them

Because Moze isn’t Zane. She has some skills in her trees with stacks etc, but not as many as Zane or Amara. They are just indicators what skills are active, like Zane’s kill skills.

Cool thanks for the information