How do you get gold?

Hey guys how do you get a gold medal for missions? What are the conditions?

I believe the medals are based on team score. I’ve had a pretty hard time getting anything above silver on The Algorithm with one or two players. In the beta I played Void’s Edge with 5 players and we got a purple medal once (higher than gold??).

I don’t know what all grants score, but at the very least there are some blue ‘score’ pickups. There are also tiny yellow ‘bonus score’ pickups that bosses drop next to themselves at certain points (Geoff when he dies, and I think when he goes to get firmware upgrades). The yellow bonus score pickups are REALLY hard to grab because they disappear so quickly.

Would love to know how its wrked out though. I got 78122 points on algorithm which gave me gold. 63770 on the experiment which gave me gold. Now on the second mission (voids edge) i got 86896 but only got silver??? Doesnt seem right to me.

Nypyren is correct - your personal score is added to everyone else’s (which gets lopped into “Team Bonus”) and gets you the final score.

This can be quite buggy, however, as the game does NOT reballance the medals based on how many players there are in a match.
For example, I did a match where two people disconnected at the Character Selection screen (so there were 3 of us). We all did EXCEEDINGLY well, and I even got the lowest time for that mission, but the game handed my a “Bronze” medal because it did not adjust for the fact that the score would be 2/5 lower…

What I wanna know is if they removed the weird “better than gold” medal that existed in the Open Beta - some kind of silver outline with a pink crystal inside it.

Based on the scores I’ve been getting vs. the ones that gave me that medal in the Closed Beta, I should have seen many by now, so idk if it was removed or not.

I think they probably have different point thresholds for each mission. It’s easier to tweak the score thresholds than it is to add/remove stuff in the map that grants the score.


They do - it seems to be based on the length of the mission and number of enemies encountered imo (i.e. you need a higher score on The Void to get gold than you do for The Algorithm, as The Algorithm has far fewer enemies lol).

yeah would be nice to have some kind of list of scores required for different medal on different missions

At first I thought it was measured in speed and survivability but I was wrong. Speed and respawns do seem to have an effect on the final score. The “Bonus Score” added at the end of the mission which equals 30-50% of the total score is made up from the yellow pickups after a boss kill. They only stay on the ground for a few seconds which seems very odd.