How do you get shadow trap to respawn

Ive tried a bunch of things but i cant get him to respawn
Iv tried going to the area again , doing the survival , doing the survival at a higher difficulty nothing seems to work
I got him to respawn once before but he hasnt come back since

I presume you are talking about the mutator arena. If you are, he seems to appear at all levels so it is either random or dependent on the buff / debuff settings. Probably needs records kept of the settings when he does appear to confirm which.
I have played the arena a number of times at different levels with the same settings and he has never spawned.

I got him to show up on the lowest difficulty level so its most likely random

Wiki says travelling to Deck 13.5 will respawn ECLIP5E and E0S. But not 5H4D0W-TP.

Assuming you already finished the playthrough, the only way to spawn him is indeed per random chance in the 3rd wave of the mutator arena. It’s apparently not related to the difficulty you set, but at 9, that guy takes a good 5 mins to kill at least.

Farming him that way is rather tedious. It’d be better to suicide after the kill during the story playthrough, that way you can fight him over and over.

He randomly respawns when you do the arena on round three. If you get him on level 9, it’s faster to save and quit, because the rounds will stay the same if you fail the mission.

That sucks

the mutator generates random waves of enemies ive noticed, so thats a factor. with the same settings each wave will feature diff mobs. keep trying! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thx i will if i find something out about it ill tell you guys

Holy crap dude teach us your ways. I see you post in the loot find thread often, you mean this in co-op, right?

HP, mostly coop. In solo, athena with 999 maelstrom and elemental barrage gets free ammo, I wouldn’t go bother with other classes.

Yes, Athena is indeed a godess, but there was a post somewhere with a dude unloading on him with a Badaboom with unrelenting/+999stax and barely making a dent…so co-op it is

Just keep swapping between two shock shotguns.

Also, if you’re solely going for shadowtrap, you’re probably better off with low difficulty and easy mutator.

If you also care for the chest loot, always go for glitch chests and the highest difficulty that’s manageable (solo should be 5 to 8 if you’re confident in your build)