How do you get the shadow trap head?

I saw on the wiki page that it says it drops from shadow trap but which form of shadow trap? Is it the one you can fight in the arena?

Yes. The one you can fight in the arena.

I have been farming on PS3 and 4 forever and have never seen it drop for any character. It is the only thing I haven’t got for my Wilhelm. For him it is the grille of the trickster head that shadw drops in the arena. If you farm and get this drop let me know and I’ll trade you a bunch for it. Good luck!

I guy who did get one to drop said he got it in normal mode so for you to farm it easier I would farm in normal mode. I have farmed in every mode .

this doesn’t come from Shadow Trp. Nisha’s head is captain dredd. That is what drops from Shadow trp. The Trickster Head doesn’t drop from my experience. I have never seen it drop in game. I have it. But it was provided for me when the game glitched and gave me all skins and heads for Nisha and various heads/skins for the others I had at the time. it was really weird. Nisha had all of them given to her. Jack had most of them given. Clappy had just a few as well as Aurelia. didn’t check Wilhelm. lol

I would love to see proof of the Veil of a trickster head dropping in game.

Me too it is the only head or skin I need!

damn! I thought you found a video of it dropping!

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lol, no. Sorry if I mislead you. This was to show that I farmed for them too. Got all the heads from Shadow trp and they are blue rarity. I don’t think the Veil of a Trickster drops from Shadow trp. if it does, it’s bugged and never drops.

Sorry to go a little bit off topic, but it’s kind of related so i’ll ask here, who drops heads and skins for the characters? Like Henry does in BL2, etc. Who in TPS should I be farming to get them?

Here you go. :slight_smile:

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