How do you guys feel about being able to counter pick against the other team?

  • It’s a good idea
  • Mixed Feelings
  • Unsure
  • It’s a bad idea
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I have to be honest, I don’t really like this idea of counterpicking (seeing the other teams character choices). My concern is that it will encourage players to essentially funnel into picking top tier characters (or be hamfisted into playing a character they don’t enjoy or feel the need to). I also don’t see how it makes any sense considering that you can’t change your character on the fly. It’s more enjoyable, IMO, when you don’t know who you’re facing.

Feel free to give your opinions as to why you chose a particular option.

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That’s the point of the draft. I love it

Isn’t counterpicking also in regular Public Versus?

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My question is…wouldn’t it be annoying if the timer is ran out with people picking and switching constantly because the other team is picking and changing constantly? This is outside of the Draft Mode. With the new patch people can back out of the character they selected AND see what the enemy is choosing…so what have they done to stop infinite looops of people pick-switch-pick-switch-etc-etc?

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I have mixed feelings about this. What i’ve always liked about battleborn is that it is not counter specific gameplay. Yes counters do exist and some are harder than others, cough pendles and marquis ambra and orendi cough, but it was certainly possible to work through these either through teamwork or skill. and there is a great satisfaction from besting a very intimidating team. However after playing a few rounds when this comes in effect i’m sure it can’t be all bad.

I mentioned this in the stream too, but it wasn’t addressed. Being able to back out of picks is great, it helps your team set up a decent comp, prevents misclicks, let’s someone go for a specific role if one is missing, etc.

However, being able to see the enemy teams comp will just make an endless loop of “oh they’ve got this, lets grab that. oh now they went with that? let’s grab this” for the entire character selection phase instead of building a good team you’ll find fun and works well together with characters you enjoy playing. the only way I don’t see this happening is if there is a “locked in” button and you only see the end result when people are locked in.

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It kind of feels weird because people don’t realize how many 5/5 match ups there are in the game.

So when you come into the game and you see like “enemy team picks Gali” you can take SaA, Rath, Boldur. However, none of them actually counter her. SaA is a 5/5 with her because they are the same type of character, Rath is probably a 4/6 with the potential of being a 5/5, and Boldur is a 7/3 cause he’ll prolly kill her if Boldur is playing good but it can be quite equal.

There are some match ups that are bad like Kleese into Melka where he is a straight counter to everything she wants to do or Ernest and Benny vs melees. To an extent Whiskey vs tanks.

What this does do though is make sure you can prevent straight meta comps when you play vs other people. If you are solid in draft you will never see the crushing Kleese/Ernest/Gali/Benny BS that people run from time to time. It should make facing a five stack slightly better as long as who ever selects captain drafts appropriately.

I will say that is johnny ding bat drafts just what the ■■■■ ever in captains mode it will ruin the fun of whoever he is playing with. So the potential to destroy games is there as well.

+1 for the feature though.

The new meta is choosing the skin and loadout for your favorite character, choosing a character you don’t like, and switching last second to counter their counter for someone you don’t even like and never wanted to play

It’s a good idea, and I like it, but there needs to be some kind of penalty for switching a character a second or third time.

I think that people are just going to wait until the last possible second to choose. We will just be waiting in the selection screen for a minute without doing anything.