How do you guys feel about Curse?

Are you guys happy with the current state of Curse? Do you think it needs changes?

I feel like one thing about Curse needs to be looked at: Continuous charged arrows do less dps than continuous uncharged arrows. Why is this? The rest of the buffs are fine, but lower dps from arrows seems so bizarre.

What do you guys think? Is this an issue, or not really a big deal? Is there something else about Curse you think needs attention?

Curse is something I started using more as the beta went on because I started to realize its potential.

I think Curse is pretty useful. Though it’s harder to hit on smaller enemies who move around a lot, it’s really rewarding if you do hit it. However, Thorns abilities and uncharged arrows still do enough damage to them anyways. Curse really just adds a lot more burst to her abilities, which is awesome. She’s already got high burst, especially at level 5. Add a 25% (35% at level 5, if you take it) bonus to spells and charged arrows, and you’re looking at some high numbers.

A character like Thorn should have a problem with tanks, but instead she shreds them because of curse. If you curse a tank (or super minion) and hit them with every volley arrow, you just dealt a lot of damage. Then if you took Piercing Volley and shot at their feet so it bounce up and hit them twice, you just did EVEN MORE.

I think it’s kinda meh that uncharged attacks don’t get a buff from curse, but that might make it a tad strong.

Interesting. I agree that Curse buffing uncharged shots would be too much, but what about how the buff to charged shots is currently handled? With the burst damage potential given with Curse in mind, do you feel that buffed charged shots giving higher dps than uncharged shots would be overkill, or would that be a fair reward for the risk/difficulty of landing consecutive charged shots?

Do you know how much charged shots do to cursed targets? Apparently, they are also suppose to get the 25% (or 35%) buff that skills get, but I never really used them again because it slows thorn down, and hitting them was usually hard enough the first time, lol.

I never really did measure the difference in dps, but I’ll look into it. I think charged shots on a cursed target should be worth it with the reward of higher dps, if they aren’t already.

I also wonder how Curse works with Thorns legendary, which makes your arrows Curse at full draw.
Do you still need to have a fully charged arrow to get the damage buff, or does this make it so every attack gets the buff?

Also, this legendary is godlike.

At first I didn’t like it and thought it was weak. however, if you really want to see the glory of curse; use the helix option that gives Thorn curse while touching Blight. OMG the power is just crazy. I promise you will love it. Blight, curse buff, quick shoot, villey, quick shoot, GG.

To note: Cursed targets take more damage from skills and charged ‘cursed’ shots only. So if you give her Blight the ability to curse all your shots while touching it, it will allow you to get the damage buff to ALL your shots while touching Blight. This means no charging shot required, just start unloading.

I think it’s pretty good, but I don’t like how it confines you.

I also think Fell Wind (the other option) is more useful throughout the game.

It does keep you still but early on, it’s casting range isnt far, and the damage burst you get from it will allow you to take down targets soon much faster. No need to be moble if your target is dead. I am not saying the other option is bad, just offering another choice to try out. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve tried both and just prefer the movespeed. Makes gathering shards and getting back to the fight really easy and has a big impact in making Thorn one of the most characters in the game at lvl 2. Pair it with Burst Propulsion an Vaulter Hunter and she is definitely more all around mobile than anyone else.

Especially keeping in mind, you won’t be able to be stationary in your blight if you’re fighting someone with CC or someone who could shred you, or if you’re outnumbered/in a larger fight.

I’m definitely not an experienced Thorn player but I would agree the bonus damage you get for fully charging an arrow, landing the shot then landing a second fully charged shot should be a lot more rewarding. As it stands you would be rewarded more for landing unchanged shots within the same time frame which makes the whole thing kinda pointless (not including the skill damage bonus- that’s just fine)

Either reducing the time it takes to fully charge a shot (it felt like a solid 2 or 3 seconds to me) or simply boosting the damage it does would make it a lot more sensible.

I agree, I do prefer her high mobility, but if I know I have a bunch of frontline teammates to keep opponents busy then I go with blight curse bonus. I feel like with the continuous curse effect to even quick release shots, thorn feels like her dps pars up to marquis.

Oh, also.

If you have Thorn’s legendary, I feel Cursed Earth is kind of obsolete. Lol.

I haven’t seen anybody get this legendary or use it, but I have to assume that it curses when Thorn visually pulls the sting back all the way. This would cut Curse’s charge time in about half.

I’ve used it, it’s like the description states, as soon as you have fully drawn your bow, your arrows become cursed. It takes away a second or 2 of charging up the curse after the full draw, it increases your dps a lot, especially in story mode.

You wouldn’t have happened to have footage of it in use, would you?

No, sorry i haven’t.

So tapping the fire button is not full draw, then, yeah?

Also, do you have to fully charge an arrow to get the damage bonus from curse, or do you just have to do a full draw to get another cursed arrow?

For curse you draw your bow and then it takes a second or so afterwards for a charge animation to show arrow is cursed. It’s a yellow electric spark around the tip of the arrow, plus you get a green energy spiral around the shaft of the arrow, you need to fully draw the bow to do so, so you can’t just tap and fire off cursed arrows.

Yeah, I know, I was more asking if tapping was considered full draw with the legendary because half-drawing a bow doesn’t seem like a thing, lol.

Then I was wondering when you cursed an enemy with the legendary, if you would need to fully charge to get the damage buff from the Curse like the original tooltip says, or if you would just have to get a full draw to curse your arrow again.

You still need to full draw to get the charge on legendary, it doesn’t need the extra second or so after full draw to become cursed.

You still need to also fully draw after cursing to apply another cursed shot if you want. The legendary basically takes away the charge time it takes after fully drawing your bow. The curse effect remains same, it’s just faster to apply curses due to legendary.

That’s how I figured it worked.