How do you guys feel about Curse?

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I find curse to kind of shift Thorns class from sniper to skirmisher come assassin I do not really have an issue with the mechanic itself I just do not think she is classified correctly I very rarely try to follow up charged shots with more charged shots unless I am at long range I just pepper people with abilities.

If anything was going to be done with it I feel it would need to shift her focus towards higher range trade off’s maybe ability damage scales with range on cursed targets. Or consecutive curse stacks apply lower but potentially more debuffs. So

Shot 1 5% extra damage
2 10% Etc

It would also give a reason to take the helix that adds dot damage to it because otherwise i find it very underwhelming to the extended duration and damage helix.


Not to mention, the added 10% buff to curse.

The mutator is also pretty lackluster. It gives 100% shield pen to cursed enemies. But unless you curse them with Blight Brawler (another mutator), or Cursed Earth, it’s pointless. A full drawn arrow to curse someone regularly will already take out their shield.

I think the “Sniper” label on Thorn is kind of a miss label. Though she does have the capacity to hit a long range shot, she’s definitely more of a caster, or assassin than a sniper.

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Thorn’s ‘cursed earth’ mutation is what really makes her a deadly ‘sniper’. Being able to shoot off cursed arrows without charging is amazing. I know that this mutation is avoided 90% of the time for the movement speed mutation but this is easily compensated with her first mutation ‘swamp foot’. I see Thorn more as ‘moble’ sniper whereas marquis is a ‘perch’ sniper.


I prefer Piercing Volley over Swamp foot because it gives thorn faster wave clear. With Piercing Volley, you can hit any enemy(or enemies) multiple times with volley if you ricochet it correctly.

I enjoy using all of her mobility and play her as a mid range caster/fighter, who can avoid enemy attacks and kite her enemies to their death.


To each their own, just offering ideas. ^.^