How do you guys feel Fl4k and Zane play after the new hotfix?

Have the buffs to Zane’s Action skills improved his viability at high difficulties? How much have the nerfs to Fl4K hindered him?

People are mad that his degree of OP went down a notch. Gameplay wise feels almost the same and don’t mind. I think a lot of people are knocking it before trying it. Biggest complaint is that it was FA was down to 6 sec, but in-game it is 5. So once adjusted I think most people will chill. I don’t play the OP build so no loss on my end :slight_smile:

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Fl4k…the same. They still destroy content and I still hate them.

The hotfix has gone live right? You’ve played him since?

According to the hotfix post earlier it goes live at 3pm pt which is like mins from now.

It says at 3 or before, and it was the before.

I suppose I appreciate the Zane action skill buffs, but now I’m positive I won’t be swapping to Fade Away with FL4K since Guerrillas in the Mist was the main drawn in that for me.

I also don’t recall seeing anything about fixing the fact that damage reduction numbers from augments are double what they state they are. Makes the change in Zane’s Cryo Drone more appealing, but my Amazing Amara is still suffering.

Is there anyway to tell if the hotfix was applied? I was on with my brother and he got the normal updates are available message and I never did. I also noticed in Zane’s skill tree the STNL augment for cryo still had the -20% damage debuff which supposedly was removed in the hotfix.

zane was fine and is better now. only half of what needed changing was changed.

Fl4k could kill bosses or push them to their invulnerability phase in less than 5 seconds any ways so he hasn’t lost much if any potency from that perspective. Guerillas is a bit worse for mobbing but it’s not a big deal. He’s still packing plenty of power.

they went a little overboard on nerfs to Jakobs and Torgue pistols, 15% is too steep. IMO it should be closer to 7-9%.

regarding Zane, it helps, but it doesn’t address some of the core issues

regarding fl4k, it’s still very strong, but they did nothing about their underperforming skills, augments, pets, etc

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Before the nerf Fl4k crit was the best build by a mile. NOW??? Best build by .9 miles.


As a fl4k player who stumbled upon the crit build naturally(didn’t use fade away just maxed the Hunter tree)!i can say that it hasn’t changed at all for me… the only difference is I can no longer 1 phase a mayhem 3 graveward. Takes some actual effort. Although graveward is super repetitive so it’s still an easy fight


How long would you say it takes now compared to before?

Before the hotfix, I could easily 1 phase graveward. By that I mean he slams his hand down, falls down after damage, then I shoot his head and he would be dead.
That is straight up impossible now… I’d say it takes me ~10 minutes in mayhem 3 solo play to kill graveward


I played FL4K post patch without noticing the changes. I’ve liked the non-Guerillas Fade Away better anyways.

I’m slightly upset about the jakobs pistol nerfs. I try very hard to incorporate Floods and Companions and Ducs into my build but eh… It’s not encouraging.

No it really isn’t. 1 phasing Gravewarden post-nerf has already been proven. Fl4k could kill Gravewarden in less than 5 seconds before so it should barely affect his kill time.
Nor is this nerf anywhere close to warranting that much of an increase in time. Especially since Gravewarden is in general easier to kill now.

I specifically said said in mayhem 3. I still melt in 1 and 2. And it does because the shotgun I use is explosive + corrosive so it is double weak on the fully powered graveward

Reducing FL4Ks GITM duration to 6 seconds was not needed.

Zane still has the same problem as before. 2 Action skills are not viable compared to infinite Nade spam build. Even if you get the +5 mod to get 80% damage increase while 2 action skills are active it’s still not even close.

16 Nades at all times outperform 2 action skills by a mile.