How do you handle re-farming quest weapons?

Hi all,

I feel like it’s really hard to keep your good quest weapons up to your current level/OP-Level without reseting the whole story.

I was wondering how you guys manage to keep your quest weapons on the needed level. Do you reset the whole story once you outlevel your gear/get to another OP-Level, do you trade for upgrades or do you just stick to underleveled weapons?

You can get a lot of good stuff quite easily after resetting. Pimpernel and Sandhawk take some effort to get to, but it’s not too much of a hassle to do it a few times. Knuckledragger is an easy farm for a Hornet. Provided you have Torgue tokens and Seraph crystals, you can go to Torgue land and farm the first Torgue machine you see for a DPUH. In Flamerock Refuge you can get the Antagonist and one step into the Forest you can farm Treeants for the Bee. The train in Merc day HH-pack is also easy to farm.

Joining a Co-op game and ask if you can keep the items you seek is also an option, but not as easy to get the other players to save and quit if you’re not happy with the items.

And last but not least… Trading!

As long as you only rely on grenades for healing with Grog/Rubi, or crowd control, you should be fine with your level 72 gear. Same goes for COM’s and relics.

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I leveled Sal, Maya, and Axton to 72 before I started working on Digistruct Peak. Prior to that, I used farmable gear instead of mission rewards. Once I started Peking on Digistruct Peak, I started resetting Axton a lot for repeating the Sandhawk and Pimpernel strings. Thankfully, I really enjoy those. They’re fast and fun with Axton. That left Maya and Sal with all zones unlocked for farming and just plain fun mobbing.

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Torgue Tokens are easy to max out without having to restart the game, just drop down to TVHM, farm those areas in Torgues DLC for the tokens, jump back up to the level your at currently and farm Torgue machines.
Same technique applies to Seraph Crystals, except for a couple differences, 1. they only drop in UVHM (except for the eridium slots in Flamerock (they drop in all 3 modes using the slots), but that is a very slow farm), 2. Only the Raid Bosses will drop them, so you might want to do those in Co-Op

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Once I unlocked OP8 with all characters I did a reset for all of them, so I now have a variety of quest gear at OP8, as well as all the other levels where I finished a mode (normal, TVHM, UVHM(…

Would higher level Sandhawks matter with the beehawk combo for raiding? With the Bee amp, it seems like that added damage from the higher pellet damage wouldn’t really matter. Granted, different story when the bee is down

I did it more for elements than level. I kept my Bee on-level, as well as a Harold.

Cool, thats what I thought. Thanks duder

I usually level up using a few quest rewards here and there, some golden keys, handouts from older characters and what I find as I play. Once I hit 72, I farm the stuff that I intend to play with going up DP. Sometimes that does mean a reset.

I reset my playthroughs fairly frequently. It’s not something I only do because I must.

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