How do you know you're accepted to the technical test

So I signed up for the technical testing a really long time ago and I started to wonder, how do you actually know that you have been accepted for the beta. Will it just pop up into your steam game list, or will it be emailed to you or, just what do you have to look out for and how long is the common wait to become a technical tester for this game?

If you signed up for the testing, you should have received an email from Gearbox advising you that you were invited to the technical testing. In the email you will be issued an activation key that you use via Steam. Hope this helps.

What does the email look like? I got an email but it was just the confirmation email (i already confirmed it) Basically on shift I did sign up and it even says Currently active test. Project 1v1. And I do have my steam attached. So basically I guess ill have to keep waiting.

My email had “Congrats! You’ve Been Accepted into Project 1v1’s Closed Technical Test” in big bold letters at the top, so if you got an email with that it would be pretty hard to miss. I’d say you just gotta wait it out.

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Its a controlled release. I just got my acceptance tonight.

Same, just got accepted about an hour ago.