How do you level quickly on overgrowth?

I was wondering what your guys’ tactics are for leveling your character up to 10 quickly on overgrowth. What characters and tactics do you use?

I’ve used Caldarius and his fast movement speed to get crystals and build while harassing the enemy team with hit and run tactics. I’ve found that using Miko levels me up quickly too.

Are we talking character rank, or leveling up your hero in the match?

If the latter, I farm minions. It’s still kinda slow, but you help contribute towards pushing to their sentry. I often play Oscar Mike, and his fragcendiary helix is great for clearing waves.

You can also contribute towards buildables, building/upgrading turrets gives you a large chunk of EXP. Just pay attention to minion waves, as dead minions drop shards. Big shards are essential.

Sorry for the confusion but I yes Ai am referring to leveling up within a match and working down your helix tree. Thanks for the input

Farm minions is the best way. And always pick up shards when you see them, building stuff not only helps the team but is a solid level up strategy as well.

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It’s one of the reasons I have a shard generator in pretty much every build.

Just max out your buildables inside your base for a big exp boost. Making a turret gives little exp but the second and third upgrades give much more. It’s also worth noting not to wastes upgrades on the middle point and side tunnel sentries unless you can protect them. Upgrades still cost a lot of shards and give exp to the enemy team.

Nice. Some good points