How do you level up ? 1-72

Hi people, i just start a new character and i want to know how do you level up.

Do you do all quest 100% playtrought or just some quest and kill some boss …

thank you !

PS: Sorry for my english, i currently take english lesson

Your English is fine! I usually farm for tubbies in Saturn’s map from 60-72 after finishing the story and some DLC in all playthroughs. BNK-3R and Tinder Snowflake are my other two favorites.

Thank you for Reply :smile: I think too
its one of the best way to up 72

Depends on how you want to approach things. In normal just try everything to get a sense of the rewards the game can give you and to get an idea of what works with your play style and the character you’re playing. Myself the only dlc I did in normal were the Capt Scarlett and Mr Torgue dlc, in TVHM I did the same two dlc and the Tiny Tian dlc with Axton. Once I reached UVHM I did every dlc with every character (and now have 4 of the 5 Headhunter packs- only missing T. K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest). Enjoy the game and go where you please- you just might find something interesting in out of the way places… :smile:

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But in Normal and TVHM mode do you do the dlc and all the quest ?

Thank you for the advise :smile:

If you are playing Krieg, which you most definitely should at some point, after getting to lvl ~30, go into Pyro Pete’s bar and keep killing things with melee. It levels you up EXTREMELY fast.

ahahha yeah im currently playing Krieg !! Thank for the tips i will do that when i reach the level 31 with Release the Beast

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I always do side quests in any play mode but I only did Capt Scarlett and Mr. Torgue in normal and TVHM. Since Sir Hammerlock’s and Tiny Tina’s dlc had higher level requirements (suggested staring level is 30 IIRC) I wanted to wait till I was at higher levels before doing them…

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I wouldn’t do more than one DLC in either normal or true, otherwise you’ll level up too far relative to the main story. That can be a problem when you start UVHM because, if you’re too far over level 50, your gear will be stuck at level 50 but your enemies will be either the same or up to 2 levels higher than you.

To get from level 50-72, I usually do all the main story up to the final mission, DLC1 up to “Crazy About You”, DLC2, head hunter pack 3, and DLC4 main story up to just before the final fight. I’ll do all main story side quests that only have XP, cash, eridium, and non-unique weapons for rewards. If you hit some of the respawning characters (Knuckeldragger, Savage Lee, Boll, etc.) periodically to level up key gear, that helps too.

One key thing: If you want a particular mission reward at max level, do not accept the mission until you are at max level. If you want a max level Sandhawk from DLC1, for example, do not hand in “Crazy About You” as that will automatically advance the DLC story line to “Oops”, which sets the level of the mission reward.

On a related note, either don’t accept “Doctor’s Orders” once you reach the WEP portion of the main story, or accept it but don’t pick up any of the mission items; that will allow you to farm LLMs more efficiently.

In Normal and TVHM, I mostly do story quests until the Warrior. I farm him for gear and fast XP for about 2 levels after that, then jump into the next mode.

In UVHM, I jump into DLC as soon as I unlock fast travel in Liar’s Berg.

I do this, in this order:

  • Torgue DLC through “Chop Suey”, so I have access to Torgue machines and the red chests in Pete’s Bar.
  • Tiny Tina DLC until I get the Grog Nozzle. Along the way, I’ve unlocked fast travel to the Forest to farm Bee shields.

From there, it’s questing, questing, questing. Every 2nd level, I farm an Unkempt Harold, a Bee shield, and a Lascaux.

It actually goes pretty fast, and I enjoy the process!

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Normal and TVHM, I stick to the story and do side missions that have good rewards, give lots of xp, or have an enemy to farm for a drop. Never really do DLC until UVHM (honestly, not sure I ever have). Also, in UVHM I tend to farm places like the Badlands where you can get midgets and tubbies, and there’s a ton of xp to be gained by clearing the whole area, not to mention three (four if you go all the way up top) red chests to farm for gear.