How do you make a campaign map ?(For BEGINNERS)

I am trying to make a mission for a mod I am making. However I have no experience in making maps.

The map that a campaign level takes place on is made basically the same way other maps are, I think there are tutorials for that around though I can’t point you to a good one off the top of my head.

The events and logic of a level is a bit of a different matter. My first advice to people is always to do some basic programming tutorials and learn to make do some things on it’s own. That’ll help imensely in understanding how things work.

Beyond that, it’s far from a small matter, and I haven’t got a whole handle on how things have changed recently. Cracking open the .bigs and looking at the contents of Data\leveldata\campaign can be pretty helpful though. Generally speaking campaign levels have a .level file that contains the actual level and .lua files that contain the logic, plus some other supplementary files.

Edit: This link would help go with the other one,

How hard is a multiplayer/skirmish map gives a still generally valid rundown, I think, Custom Maps - What you need to know! contains information on what’s recently changed. I don’t think anyone’s written a new tutorial taking those changes into account yet.

How do you put ships on a multiplayer map at the start; when I do:

addSquadron(“Vgr_CommStation”,“Vgr_CommStation”, {248, 1005, -25000}, 4, {0.000000, -0.000000, 0.000000}, 0, 0)

The game crashes with a Access Violation or General Failure. What did I do wrong?

I’d recommend posting the whole file somehow. is a decent option if nothing else is available.