How do you make a ship texture

I am (very) new to modding and have no idea how you make a texture for a ship

First you need to go through a process called UV mapping. That is unfolding your 3D mesh onto a flat 2D plane, so you can define what pixels of the texture will be projected on what parts of your model.

Then if you have that, you use your rendered UV coordinates as a template for texture painting in a software like Photoshop or GIMP.

What do you make the 3d mesh with (Sorry:-( )

Are there any tutorial websites

I presumed you wanted to know how do you go about texturing your own ship. Because that’s what you do, you first model, then texture what you’ve modelled. But I see you don’t have the ship then.
Was your question targeted on editing the textures of existing ships? What ships do you want to texture?

Because either you want to texture your very own ship, but then you skipped a step of actually making the ship, or you want to edit the textures of HWRM ships, but then you don’t need a 3D editor.

(And this time I thought I awoided confusion…)

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Have a look at the getting a simple ship in game tutorial, which is based on 3DSMax. Blender can also be used. The tutorial covers basic texturing.