How do you make built ships hyperspace in?

I wanted to make a ship sp_tanker a carrier but i did not want to make built ships come out of a “Hole” in it and instead hyperspace in like the vaygr hyperspace gate. Is this possible?

Heh, the more often question is usually “How to make new ships I made not to hyperspace in”, because often you make them hyperspace in by an accident.

Simply give it a dock family that the ship that builds them doesn’t list.

I’ll try that :smile: but another question not to do with this one is how do you swap the weaponry on the sp_tanker with Kpr_SajuukNaniteCannon (i didnt want to start a new topic in case there is already one)

These are good ideas, but with the way HWRM is set up it is quite difficult to modify the stock ships. It will not be possible to add dock paths to the “tanker” (which is fine if you want everything to hyperspace in). Any weapons you add will have to use the positions and orientations of the existing weapons (point defense guns), although you could swap them with other weapon types. This would be done by editing the “sp_tanker1.ship” file in a text editor (I use [Notepad++][1]). For instance, try replacing this line:

StartShipWeaponConfig(NewShipType, "Hgn_MSHullDefenseGun", "Weapon_HullDefense1", "Weapon_HullDefense1")


StartShipWeaponConfig(NewShipType, "Kpr_SajuukNaniteCannon", "Weapon_HullDefense1", "Weapon_HullDefense1")

…and see what happens.

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It works but due the way the ship’s weapons are placed they go through the ship :slight_smile: Its OK though. (I also set the speed to 5000 for a laugh) I use notepad++ too

However the ship can only build scouts!?


If you modify the scripting, you should be able to get it to build whatever you like…

I think it is because the ship is Hgn_… meaning it neads a module to build other ships?

New problem: Tai_Shipyard (modified tai_research station) crashes the game when ships are being built from it.

I have same issue on SSC mod with 3 ship. I suggest to made new hod … probably the actual hod crash the game. I wait the modder Julian on my team make new hod …

Try and see …