How do you modify ship stats?

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to find a mod that does this already, so I’m hoping there’s an easy way to modify ship stats as I’m not very comfortable with modding things myself. All I want to do is increase the hit points and damage output fighters to balance out the lack of strafing and evasive/aggressive options. Also it could just be me, but I feel like frigates got nerfed in the hp department; it’d be nice to buff them up a little too.

I don’t know anything about editing LUA code or modding, but have you tried the Gearbox mod? I find it does a good job of balancing out capital ships and frigates.

Here is the link for the mod on Steam:

I’ll also suggest that with the next patch not only will how you balance change a fair bit, but what you would have created will need to be merged against stuff that is quite a bit different. I encourage people to experiment and dig in to making changes - but what you’re talking about is likely smashed pretty hard by the forthcoming patch.

These links should get you started with the simple stuff, although I would hold off doing anything until the patch comes out:

A basic but thorough general tutorial that helped me:

…and a very helpful post from @Pouk that I bookmarked a few months back:

"So in the old days our modder’s bible was an archive of the “KarosGraveyard” site.
There’s a handy offline version of the KarosGraveyard.chm help file and this link should be it:
I very much recommend downloading it and simply just search for the term that puzzles you, you’ll get your result.

There’s for instance:
Page about ships:
about weapons:
Page about abilities:

When it comes to ship stats, weapon functions, ship abilities, it all still stands even now. Every file structure is explained. (where it’s no longer relevant is the list of tools etc.)"


and if you edit some files, remember to check in the \dataUpdate bigs first, as it’s where the more recent version of a file is. Use the file in the \data bigs only if not present in the \dataUpdate bigs !

You just unearthed a treasure trove of info for me, thank you!

Thanks for the answers!
So, forgive my ignorance, but when is this patch coming out? I’ve found other mentions of it, but no mentions of even a ballparked eta. Are we talking months? Weeks? Days?

Nobody knows.

Anyone been able to tweak the Mothership hitpoints in HW:RM?
Using the kus_mothership.ship file from the HW1Ships.big crashes the game. Which means I’m stuck with the kus_mothership.ship file from UpdateHW1Ships.big. Unfortunately this file doesn’t seem to contain the correct values to allow me to tweak the initial HP of the Mothership. Adding this parameter NewShipType.maxhealth=210000, doesn’t seem to work. Adding the if/then parameters from the original .ship file crashes the game again…

I’m stumped, so please advise :slightly_smiling:

This parameter, I suspect, tweaks the fully researched endgame HP: NewShipType.maxhealth = getShipNum(NewShipType, “maxhealth”, 270000)

---- edit ----
Nevermind. I figured it out.
Apparently the order in which these parameters are listed matters. Moved the NewShipType.maxhealth parameter further down and et voilá. Worked!
Now for the weaponsfiles…

First, and it’s VERY important, use files from the big in the update directory in priority ! Those are the most up-to-date ones. You could have problems and CTD crash using the “normal” big files.
I repeat, use files in the “update” folder" in priority.
See this topic for more informations (this guy made exactly the same kind of modifications as you) :
.big troubles trying to edit (RESOLVED)

edit : and if you need this modification for SinglePlayer, you need to modify another file (see in the topic above)

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Thanks for the heads-up, Dwarfinator.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: