How do you play as Beatrix?

I’ve been pleased to see the wide utility Beatrix can bring to a team. I have formed several different builds/play styles as Beatrix based on team comp. I’ve found her to be effective in (with different helix choices depending on the style):

  • focusing her support role (running CDR, Shield capacity, etc).

  • A play style similar to Pillarstorm Orendi, where I have been using firmware+bolas and relying more on skill damage/half-support by giving others the atk speed buff.

  • Offensive, focusing more on basic attacks. Cheap reload gear piece, symbiotic guantlet.

I’m curious to see what you all (who have put more hours into her than I have) think?

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Attack damage, bolas, and shard gen. you can’t really duel other BB, so damage may seem like an odd choice, but you can spread mass pain to minion waves with double dose which is your full damage so damage boost helps, unlike plague rat. bolas works well because you make them deal less damage while taking more, which goes in line with the “shotcaller lucio” playstyle I had envisioned when she was coming out. shard gen makes you be able to afford them easier, but you could go with attack speed, CD reduction, or anything you like better in that slot.

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Until this point, solo PvE, mostly on Renegade.

Lenore’s Lament, green gear that gives health regen, and another piece of green gear that gives cooldown reduction.
I tend to play aggresively, so patient zero being able to give DR is always welcome. On later levels the rythm really lies in her basic attack and her R1.

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Thanks for making this thread OP!!

I’m also quite curious how people are playing her. I was hoping a lot of people would chime in with their gear loadouts for PVP and PVE and what is working for them

The way I play her in PVP (i have minimal experience fyi) is honestly just to support and I stay on the backlines and just spam the 40% Life Leech option on a high dmg player and shoot whatever they are hitting. It seems to work well as long as I keep it always on them. I’ve only been playing with randoms but they seem to notice that I’m doing this after a few minutes (I usually stick exclusively to 1 or 2 people) and start being more aggressive. Any bots that go by them I take care of and they can stick it to actual player kills and push

My gear for PVP:

  1. Regen gear+14
    With +7 regen if stay alive for 180 seconds

  2. Reload speed+21%
    +7 Regen

  3. I’m undecided right now. I don’t know what else to pick. Usually a shard generator but I don’t really need one since I stay back and stick to one area. Was hoping to see what you guys use. Cooldown Reduction for more spam? Attack dmg? Skill dmg? Movement speed? Atk speed? Nothing, for me, seems fitting.

For PVE I just gear her up like I gear up my Marquis and snipe everything

  1. Symbiotic Gauntlet (+18 atm dmg depending on health)
  2. +21 Reload speed
    +7 Health Regen
  3. Third option I’m thinking of Atk Speed/Atk Dmg gear for more damage per shot but she shoots kind of slow when sniped because you want that extra dmg boost. On Marquis I don’t have to worry about this so I’m unsure what my 3rd option is. But I’m thinking of going for more dmg. Her 40% Life Leech keeps me “floating” in PVE by itself so I don’t really need too much regen gear
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Attack Speed w/ Bolas effective so far, gonna fo some experimenting this weekend


Well I can talk about some of how I’ve used her and tag @FlamesForAll on here so he can contribute his thoughts since I love my orange

I was at first using her with a free shard generator and a wrench with more shards per second and the shield web interdictor(if you have bolas please feel free to use it instead but I don’t have it)

Now I’ll mainly discuss incursion with this write up and my theories for how I built this loadout.

The freeshard generator and wrench are because I couldn’t find a real weak spot with Beatrix and her ult is so USEFUL for spreading the effect of bola’s or shield web interdictor. So leveling is massively impactful.

The range you engage at depends on your comfort zone. I tend to hang further back and be the observer as Beatrix,

At level 1 I take the silence on fulminate.
Level 2 I take life steal on Patient 0
Level 3 lifesteal
Level 4 either go right for the hastening effect or for the cleanse
Level 5 I’m not sure which is more beneficial yet so I’m not making a recommendation yet.

Now assuming you have all your gear up at 5 your ultimate will mean either all enemies are essientally being out under a priority target or that their shields will not recharge(this will not stop kleeses rifts so far as I know) but that enemies will shut themselves down since this also effects SENTRIES.

So…your team made a push to the sentry and they kept you from being able to do damage, drop your ult on the sentry and every tick of damage will keep the shield from recharging for another 10 seconds…and these effects spread among enemies and will keep bouncing back and forth and renewing the effects…

Yeah this is as far as you need to go to grasp the tactics, you can use all kinds of different combinations of skills to make good use of this but it’s a vicious tactic


In PvP I play her as a Suppressor and the team babysitter.

  • Her primary just pings everything in sight with 3 second wounds, especially anyone that relies on regen or healing. And it’s pretty good for killing shepherds at range.
  • Fulminate is used to stun minion waves when needed, along with silencing any nearby Battleborn. But as the game progresses I use it more sparingly, making sure to keep it off cooldown most of the time. Because after that it’s used for 2 reasons…
  • Any character that likes to dive and then use a skill to escape like Phoebe, Attikus, Benedict, El Dragon, etc… are silenced when they’re at about 30% health. Preferably I catch them mid skill and totally screw them, if not hopefully the team can kill them within or because of the 3 seconds I bought.
  • Next it’s used to rip people out of their Ult, or channeled hard CC. Between the global call outs and character animations, it should be easy to shutdown ISIC’s, Attikus’, Orendi’s, Deande’s, Ghalt’s, Rath’s, S&A’s, Toby’s, etc… Ults and put them on their various cooldowns.
    * The channeled CC is harder because Fulminate itself has quite a long priming time. So at times you need to predict when they’ll use a skill, instead of simply react. This will save your team and yourself from Montana dashes, Deande stuns, El Dragon splash stuns, etc… And I actually kept a team of newbs from dying a lot more than they should have in a CR match with 4 Dragons on the other team. As an Ult’d Dragon is one of the easiest things to read in this game.
  • Patient Zero is used on any melee character when they dive first an foremost. Then on any ally that is significantly wounded while they’re mid-attack, as most don’t react to the red bars on their screen like they should. Next I use it to either top myself off, or on a minion wave if I need to clear one faster than normal for various reasons. Finally if I have it off cooldown I’ll use it in conjunction with Bloodshot to save my ass if a melee character is trying to kill me. AoE damage + 40% lifesteal + 25% attack speed + 75% lifesteal + 25% melee damage = ~8 seconds of unrivaled 1v1 potential, granted that you can aim.

At level 5 I also focus on wave clear. I still haven’t decided if I like Plague Rat or Double Dose better (I’d probably always pick DD if it it applied Infection’s DoT as well, but if you have her legendary definitely go DD). Both really up her wave clear and sustain, along with Outbreak. Since her Ult has a small hitbox and such a long cooldown, I usually just Ult a Shepherd, Elite bot, or Thrall if there is at least one Battleborn nearby. As they are big, predictable, and easier to proc Toxic Hypoxia on.

And Infection isn’t boosted by skill damage, so it doesn’t proc Bola’s. Making it hard to justify using it on her from a PvE perspective. But once that and DD are fixed, it will be Bola’s and DD all day everyday. As she does such little skill damage and has no direct heals, I find it pointless to run skill damage on her.


I’ve found myself playing very similar to this as well, with the exception of Patient Zero being exclusively for melee characters. While they benefit from the skill the most, depending on situations I may pass it to a ranged DPS that can benefit from the attack speed boost.

That’s great to know that infection isn’t boosted by skill damage. That was my primary reason for running it.

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For both PVE and PVP I’ve found Attack Damage > Attack Speed as far as gear goes for Beatrix. Especially in the later levels, your attack speed will already be solid to where Attack Damage or Reload Speed would be better options (in my opinion).

As for my current favorite PVP loadout for all around use:
White Shard Generator (-Heal Power)
Symbiotic Gauntlet (+18 atk damage)
Oath of the Sustained (+Hp Regen, Secondary atk damage, and (less important) a minor hp regen for team).

I’ve been playing with other gear pieces to replace the Hp Regen gear for better survival yet still maintaining effective DPS.

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I definitely see a lot of effective Beatrix play the long-range game. I tend to mess around mid-range, myself.
All of your helix choices are ones I stick to, with the exception of level 3.

In PVE I always do lifesteal, but in PVP I’ve gone between this and damage reduction and I haven’t found a preference yet.
As for level 5, I love Double Dose-however if you’re playing long range and scoping only I could see plague rat being more effective.

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I play her mid range with bolas, a free shard gen -heal power, and regrowth serem(+14 health regen +7 regen after staying alive for 180 seconds)

I agree with the others here but i feel the life steal is useless. I always go damage reduction, I’ll explain.
I normally put patient zero on my most aggressive teammate when they engage the enemy. At that time they have full sheilds and heatlh by the time their shield is gone the ability is done. Also when they running away i can hit them with it so they take less damage to escape.

Life steal only works offensively and they have to be attacking and not running away.
The damage reduction works as a defensive tool and a offensive one.

One more thing if they have a beatrix she will null out your life steal with wound.

This was kind of my thinking for choosing damage reduction as well. Lifesteal works better for 1v1s (when shield is already broken) but damage reduction benefits your team mate from numerous damage sources.

In partnership with my co op friend, we run Beatrix and Caldarious as our new “speed run” PvE combo. It’s actually hilarious how Beatrix turns Caldarius from a quick boss killer into a nuclear crit machine. The attack speed bonus and the life steal makes it so I can hang out on the sidelines and pick off smaller enemies from relative safety, while he facetanks pretty much everything and just spams continuous rapid fire criticals on enemies. I love hearing his firing go from regular speed to mach.

It works as well for Rath, but we run Caldarius as preference.

Usually I run a rather standard loadout of health gen + attack, and some speed gear so I can keep up with Caldarious. The attack gear gets rotated out depending on the mission we’re doing, usually for a legendary cooldown gear. We’re still working on perfecting the loadout for general use.

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I streamed video the other night when I was 19 of what I use and my helix choices for incursion and meltdown. I use heal received/atk dmg, cd, and atk dmg items and I think it works really well for me. This is largely reliant upon my team because as you all know by now she’s a half support. Some choices for helix are based on the opposing team. Anyway, I’ll link that video. The better of the 2 matches is around 38 minutes in so you can scrub to there as the first was a loss due to accumulation of score.

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I’ll definitely check out your video when I have time. I am curious though, what is your motivation for healing received?

So if you really want to feel like a dick, run Bolas, shard gen, and Shield Web Interdictor. They’re silenced, take extra damage, their shields can’t come back, and they’re getting less healing. Turning fulminate into a “You’re dead” button, lol.

If one wanted to try this out where would one pick up

"Shield Web Interdictor” ???

Also, from personal experience that it works or theoretical knowledge?

This loadout is impossible. You can only have one of each gear type.

Not because of Fulminate. It doesn’t have a wound.

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You can’t run them together, they’re both skill damage items and I think shield web interdictor is an advanced algorithm drop. I know bola’s is an advanced experiment drop but happy hunting!

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Oh I didn’t even realize that lol. I was just looking through my new drops and thought that it would be a cool interaction :stuck_out_tongue:
In that build I’d probably go with the interdictor. yes, bolas is probably infinitely more usefull/powerful, but putting all those effects on them while they can’t even get their shield back up is deadly haha.

Also, Interdictor can be found from Geoff in the first mission on advanced.