How do you play BB?

Do you have a particular way of playing this game? Do you play on your couch in the living room 24/7? Do you go by your friends house because your too poor and or lazy to afford the game yourself? Or do you even play it while hanging upside down on the edge of a cliff in the grand canyon while cuddling next to your loved one (ex. Pet, lover, body pillow, fav food, ect.) while your butler robs a bank for you. We all have our own way of playing this wonderful game, if you’d like to share your way then go ahead and type it down.

For me, I usually play in the afternoon, sometimes nights, early in the morning on weekends, I get a chair (foldable/stool/spinning/whatever) put it right in the middle of my room, get a nice drink (soda/hot chocolate/again whatever) get the game revved up and prepare for some Battleborning. Oh, almost forgot, I also like to get my headphones on and “BLAST” music in my ears to fully immerse myself into the world of BB. I usually play as the Rogues, so I play a lot of Rock/Rap/Dubstep to make me feel like one of the Rebels more fearsome than the Devil. When I play as the Jennerit, I play Metal or anime openings so that I can feel like one of the Edgiest Weeaboos in the Universe. And when I play as the LLC, I play a lot of Techno/Electric music, but I don’t get too “Technical!”…ok then. Finally when I play as The UPR I play…more dubstep, because I don’t want military trumpets destroying my ears.


I play later at night up to 2 or 3am on my Xbox when the TV is free. I’m usually either chatting with my teammates or listening to the story dialogue.

Sometimes I eat too much candy or ketchup flavoured potato chips while I play. The more time I’m dead, the more snacks I eat, so you can gauge my performance based on that.

Mhhh, I play less than I might like, due to work and, lets be honest, serious Forum-addiction.
So when I come to play I go Co-Op with my fiance and we do whatever feels least stressfull.
Mostly PvE, Operations and Private matches vs. bots.

Alot of snacks, a comfy couch, a 43inch TV, giggling over callouts & lines, wasting bots to train my Crossblade aiming lol
Often we play in the middle of the night after my work, so 3-5am.

Guess 75CommandRanks are PvE only, the other 18CR´s come from private training, so not much open PvP at all.

I honestly can say that I spend 98% of my rare freetime with Battleborn or fanart about Battleborn.

The rest 2% are sleep. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!

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I play PvE in the evenings before I go to work and on weekends when I’m off I play both PvP and PvE well into the morning. As for location I play on my couch in my small apartment. I prefer playing PvP with @blainebrossart1 because I’m new and incursion gives me anxiety


I play PVP for an hour and a half most days, alone, under a blanket. Usually remind myself to keep a water bottle with me because I don’t drink enough. I usually have a headset on and watch netflix in between matches

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Water is a good idea and I should start doing that

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Very, VERY carefully…

I play almost the exact same way as you.

I have a chair set up in my room that I like to perch myself on and more often than not, I’ve got music blaring though my headset because, well, why not? I enjoy listening to Spotify while I play. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m often playing PvP too. On weekdays it’s early evenings but on weekends it’s the majority of the day.

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I like to get quite hungry and then kickback in my room and if it’s PvE I’ll listen to music but for PvP it overwhelms me too much.

My brother is usually playing in the next room. Our house basically set up to play battleborn now. When friends feel like playing splitscreen it brings me back to the good old system link battles in Bloodgulch.

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The same desk and chair I spend most of my free time in. In the worst time of late night/early morning for my USA timezone. Still, BB is one of those games I need to be fully awake to really appreciate playing so I often only play after work.

If it’s solo PvE (most of my playtime), I pull up whatever video series/podcast I’m currently into and use that as whitenoise to my carnage. On the rare occasions I wander into public PvE or PvP, I forgo the background noise to concentrate but I’ll usually do editing work while waiting for matchmaking. On some rare occasions when the stars align to inspire me, I sometimes even work on potential BB fanfiction ideas.

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I get into a match…
someone tries to murder me, my response,

“Uhmm, you are not going to kill me unless I allow you to”

I play this game in the quiet of my room on my bed…alone.
I usually forget to eat like right now…
Sometimes I get bored in Incursion, do something reckless and end up dying…rinse and repeat.
I am usually a passive player like a mob on various video games. I normally only attack other players if they started the fight first, or if they have low health and they want Burst Dash to be their best friend.

Playing upside-down is fun…
My broken controller is not so much…it caused me to die earlier today when I was analyzing the battle whilst invisible. My controller decided that it wanted to attack, which immediately made the shep, elite bot, an Ambra, and two other people turn and destroy me. ( I was directly behind the enemies and realised a bit too late that my controller had done that)

My natural instinct is flee first, find a safe spot, then strike.
I daydream while playing and end up on the other side of the maps sometimes. …hmmm how the hell did I get over here…

If my team doesn’t know how to push, I end up doing it by myself and push far too hard out of anger…then die multiple times…I did that today as well.

…Kleese dies…
my favorite word to say while I am playing, “Nope”.

Ground Zero Deandes and those Canister Mellkas make me sick to my stomach…

I also tend to “dance” around targets that attack me…takes me like 30 secs to realise that I am doing that…

All Alanis are cretins…
I watch YouTube in the background. Yes watch, not just listen…

too many things that I do…just far too many to write…


An aggressive pvp player that normally aims on being #1 in kills and #5 in deaths on my pug and premade team. I usually play at night when my kids are sleeping. Ocassionally, I would pop in during the day for 2-3 matches whenever I get free time from my business job. I always play while standing up… can’t stand playing while seating or laying down.

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If you knew how useless her default dash was with high latency, my ground zero deande wouldnt bug you as much, lol

to answer op:
my ps4 feeds into my pc.
im almost always on discord, and i very rarely decide to just start up the game of my own accord. usually its ‘hey, i need x’ and i come because
IM HELPING! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, so i sit in my office chair at my desk and play with folks. i play whatever. anything and everything that strikes the fancy, if the host has a preference, i defer to it.

im not necessarily good at whatever random things happen, but they sure are fun times! :smiley:

my ps4 mic is broken so it hangs above me while i wear my pc mic. :o (its also a much better setup than when i wore the ps4 mic around my neck).

i have two monitors so i can have battleborn on one and discord on the other.


On my terrible laptop (also known as Crankenstein), sitting on my desk, with a cup of cold cocoa. It’s something of a tradition. When I’m playing PVE I’ll sometimes go steal the TV and sit it on my bed, then connect it up to my PC. Don’t use it for PVP because it has a fair bit of latency, but sometimes it’s just nice for chilling.


I can relate to that… my old ‘pc set up’ was a laptop who’s best achievement was playing Team Fortress 2 without issues, on top of a very small desk that was made out of fake cardboard. Good times, those.

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