How do you play role playing games?

When you play an rpg, do you actually roleplay a character, or do you just take the actions you would have taken? Personally I play most rpgs making what I would consider the best choices in real life as well, which is almost always the good route.


Using the standard 9 alignment grid, i almost always play games as true or chaotic neutral.


I try to roleplay but I’m usually bad at it. I’m usually kept in place in social games like dnd by the rest of the party, but in sandbox rpg games I try to be good but end up changing my characters attitude or making a new one that’s a sociopath.

Stat wise, I’m usually about glass cannons, mixing melee and ranged, or clothy tanks with drain magic.


I always take the moral high ground. Never once have I gone the chaos route : never steal, never select the asshôle dialogue, etc. I’m pretty kind, polite and diplomatic irl and it seems I can’t simply be a cad even if it’s for a game. It’s actually pretty frustrating.


In a game like New Vegas I do roleplay, one of the characters (who has her story finished) even comes with a short story that explains her traits, why she rolled into the plot, etc.

If it is a game with pre-written backstories I prefer to go with what has been established.




Pure melee.

I like to play the fireman when I roll play or the washer repair man… that’s a fun one.

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I play all games as that one incredulous NPC that believes nothing they’re told, even in the face of evidence, in the dickiest way possible. “Riiiiiiiggghhht. I’m the chosen one, he who shall return light and justice to this land darkened by the evil shadow of our current oppressor. Suuuurrrre. I’ll get right on that.”
“You don’t look like a fireman. I feel like they wear less flammable looking clothes.”
“So, you’re saying you’d do it if it wasn’t for this arrow sticking out of your knee? Am I supposed to believe that stuffed and mounted Dragon head on the wall isn’t just something you bought at a garage sale? I’ve got three in my bedroom closet.”


@paulothead I like to role play as a political activist, looking to find political meaning in every image and line of text in the game. Oh no sorry got confused that’s not me, that was the guy on the other thread I was reading sorry I have been brainwashed.


Same as I play pen & paper games. I set up a character and stick with it.

If one plays a Paladin then the Jefe way it is:

If one plays chaotic evil: Nothing is safe :smiling_imp:

Yeah, I always thought Baldur’s Gate has a distinct lack of dialogue options. One never can complain about the NPCs political agenda or call them out on their sneaky subliminal influencing :joy:


So jealous of you guys I have never really played DnD. None of my friends growing up would dream of having a game with me XD.

I played a mini campaign once with my nephew as DM and me and my young niece as players.

Early on we come across some goblins and sneak up on them to listen in (one of us could understand goblin) they are talking of a hidden camp. We try to get closer but fail the sneak so I use my move to attempt to stun the closest one and capture it. My niece still in sneak in a bush then ambushes and knocks out the 2nd goblin.

I now have one knocked out goblin and one tied up. I am trying and failing to interogate the goblin for info so I told my dm I wanted to use my move to cut off the goblins feet. I critical falied and the goblin had a heart attack just as I defeeted him so no info :frowning: .

I wake the other goblin, who on seeing his butchered friend spills the beans immediately on my roll. We now have the info so were all good to go right? No my young niece insisted we take his feet.

And so began our twisted tale that led to about 25 defeeted goblins and some funny situations.

So I guess we role played complete psycho’s in my only real DnD game.


Love that expression.

Surrender or face defeet! :joy:


Yeah not easy to see I have had an influence on these kids at all lmao. They both stayed with me pretty much every weekend since they could crawl lol. My niece is 18 next week and she still stays most weekends with us as did my nephew until about the same age.

I miss corrupting young minds and cursing them forever with my twisted humour.

I bet I have caused some of my nieces teachers to worry.

Ethics 101 Someone has information that you vitally need, and won’t talk how would you extract the information?

My innocent looking niece “Cut off his feet, but make sure you hook him up to a heart monitor first”

Bet that one would be a unique answer. Wonder how you could grade that?