How do you prepare for the next Mayhem level?

Started playing again, I’m at M4 using weapons with the M4 tag on it.

In order to play in M5, do I just go for it with current gear and start farming M5 stuff?

I already started doing that, but I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient way of doing it other than using an entire weapon’s magazine to kill one bandit for a Green M5 pistol haha.

Also, are Mayhem drops bugged? Not every enemy drops M5 gear, some of it has no Mayhem level. Vending Machines don’t have it, container drops don’t have it, etc. I did a Proving Ground thinking I would score some M5 stuff, but all the stuff in the chest at the end was non-Mayhem. Bummer.

mayhem levels dont exclusively drop their mayhem level gear
they also drop below
i suggest, getting a better weapon in general
what weapon and character are you using right now?

Since I haven’t found a need to make any kind of build so far, I use whatever weapons I like that drop at the time. Blues, purples, whatever. I’m still using a level 38 artifact just because I like the slam effect it has haha.

I’m actually doing fine in M5 with the M4 weapons, was just wondering if I was doing something wrong because I wasn’t seeing M5 drops often.

You may as well give M6 a go to see how that feels. Depending on modifiers, you may be fine. I believe there are certain items that only drop on M6-10?

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well, if you want to climb, you will have to make a build and use proper leveled gear
but some weapons are able to get you into mayhem10 instantly