How do you remove badges from the roster?

I uploaded a bunch of old badges from one of my Homeworld 2 folders, but it looks like the HWR ones are made with much better resolution. I’m working to replace them, but deleting them from my local folder doesn’t work as they just get re-loaded when the game restarts.

So does anyone know how to clear the badges and keep them removed? Between this and the one-column issue badge selection is a little more tedious than I’d like.

The one-column issue annoys everyone - meaning it’ll annoy me enough to fix it. Can’t say when, but it’ll happen before the heat-death of the universe.

The other issue you are having relates to steam cloud - it backs that folder up. One way (I believe) to fix this is load the game via the launcher - then, delete the badges you don’t want, then close the game. They should go away, and not come back when you start again?


I did a long, painful exploration and experimentation to figure this out and you can read the whole sordid thing in the original thread, but the ultimate gist runs thus:

I’ve got 105 badges in this folder… do I have to replace them all? Is there an easier way to kick the Synch conflict?

Not really. All the files that you want to fall out of synchronization with Steam Cloud have to be touched in some way while the update process is not looking. Now, that could be as easy as loading and re-saving them with some sort of effect applied. That ought to be really easy in Photoshop, using one of the inbuilt scripts. It’s just in some way a file with the same filename but different content needs to be in the profiles directory in order to trigger the notice that files are out of sync.

Once you get that notice, clear all the files – or just the ones you want to say goodbye to.

Once you tell Steam to re-upload, whatever is left in their will be what becomes your new profile content

Try this and see if it works for you…

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Listen to the botman - he is the keeper of vast mystic knowledge (and the Workshop tools @ Gearbox) - and has much wisdom to convey… :wink:

Botman’s solution worked! Thanks guys!

Was there ever any doubt? :wink: LOL

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