How do you reset your ops points?

I want to reset them on the newest Story Op as it’s skipped some of the lore & dialogue for me.

First playthrough it was Phoebe with all her dialogue with a teaser at the end for Beatrix in the second playthrough. Did a second playthrough & it played all of Phoebe’s dialogue again. Did a third playthrough & it was Kelvin skipping Beatrix completely. Seeing as she’s one of my favourite characters, I want to hear the story & lore for her playthrough.

I’ve not had this problem in any of the other story ops so I’m a bit frustrated it’s happened here.

So how do you actually reset them? I’ve never needed to before but I remember Nova saying you can. I did try searching around for first before making this but could only find people asking what resetting actually effects.

You have to play solo, then find Nova, she’s usually located by the spawn points. She resets them for you.

To add more detail: You’ll find Nova at each respawn station (including the first one right where you land). You can only reset your Ops points to zero, and this does not change which version of the story you are playing. (The ability to select a particular version of the Story Ops unfortunately isn’t in the game. At least, not yet anyway.)

If you want to catch up on missed dialogue, you’ll either have to join someone who hasn’t played the Story Op yet, look for a gameplay video, or wait until @lowlines updates his lore pages.

But I think it only resets the ops points (difficulty), but not the story. After you complete the story 10 times you will always get a random one, no matter if you reset the ops points or not.