How do you Reyna?

If you even do…

I am loving playing Reyna, I always enjoy support characters and found that Reyna really ticks the boxes for me.

This is how I tend to level the Helix’s, but any comments and advice on loadouts is appreciated. Or just general comments on what you prefer.

1 - Waste reduction - this skill is integral for how I like to play
2 - Priority Plasma - I see people stating how slow is important, but I can drive people off lanes so easily with this skill
3 - Slazer Thermokenitics (locked skill) - combined with my homing shot I am always overheating, so 50% bonus damage on pistol really helps
4 - Vital Protocol - 250+ health for me and the people I am shielding, always helps
5 - Improvised tactics - 15% cooldown is never to be sneezed at
6 - Vigilance or Therapeutic booster - 112+ overshield or removes debuffs, always a tough choice for me
7 - Pulse Punder - 18% pulse damage, those homing shots really start being felt
8 - Dogpiler - Priority target takes +16% damage from everyone
9 - Kinetic Deflection - 15% of damage reflected back
10 - Mobility Module - Without this skill I find Reynas UT is lacking


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Thanks for showing your set up. I played as Reyna a couple times (not enough to remember her helix fully) but all I know is that her survivability increases greatly when she’s with atleast one other person. And I freaking love her War cry taunt.


I can tell you what I learned when I was leveling her.

Move a lot. She can’t and shouldn’t tank.
Don’t get caught in piles. Move around the edges of the battle.
Your priorities should be:

  1. Mark Targets (pickout big damage dealers),
  2. Overshield teammates (Front-line first, the squishies),
  3. Strip Shields (particularly big Varelsi),
  4. Take out the trash (kill popcorn).

Recommend not taking “dogpiler” once you get “calling the shots”. This made a huge difference in my gameplay. Being able to mark targets very rapidly increases team DPS a lot.

Reyna’s legendary is quite good because you can heal teammates using the overshield and pulse cannon. I kept a montana alive all through the Sabo from the third floor, just by pulse cannon.

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There’s a couple of mutations that make her even better.

I do enjoy her voice lines.

Thanks for the tips buddy

This is how Galilea does it…

Please be Reyna! Please, please, please!

OMG Reyna is the best thing to happen to Galiliea so if you have one on your team keep her shields up.
With the right build Reyna makes Galiliea a God by Helix 3. :blush:

Ha ha ill remember that :slight_smile:

Hey, if you’re going for a build like that, you may want to use longer Priority Target at 8 for more homing time. Also, if you haven’t tried the slow, you should. It’s extremely powerful, and if someone overextends, it’s an almost guaranteed kill with it.

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Thanks for sharing your set. I’m also learning to play Reyna and just got her lore legi. This is how I’ve been running her.

Gear kit:

Gambler’s “Greyhound”: (-7.00% CDR, -4.20% CDR while all skills on cooldown)
Aristocrat’s Ostentatious Saber: (+9.80% AS, +5.60% AS for 5 sec after taking shield damage) ~OR~ Killer’s Retracting Wristblade: (+9.80% AS, +5.60% AS for 60 sec after kill/assist on player/major NPC) {For the record, I prefer the latter.}
Void Resonator: (+14% Heal Power, -0.63 sec Shield Delay, Heal self for 7% Healing to others) ~OR~ Trickster’s “Sidecar”: (+21.00% RS, +9.80% RS for 10 sec after using a Skill)

Helix path:

1: Waste Reduction (right)
2: Priority Plasma (left)
3: Slazer Thermokinetics (center)
4: Vital Protocol ~OR~ The Best Defense (left or center - depends on team comp)
5: Improvised Tactics (left)
6: Vigilance (left)
7: Pulse Pounder (right)
8: Most Wanted ~OR~ Dogpiler (left or right - depends on how other team is playing or if in PvE)
9: Long Watch (left)
10: Huddle Up (center)

Gear kit and Helix skills are intertwined, so if running Void Resonator you’ll be picking Vital Protocol. If you’re running Sidecar you’ll be picking The Best Defense. For the record, I’m running Sidecar because I don’t yet have an Epic AD glove with AS as its secondary boost - if I did, I would use that. Reyna has a fairly long reload animation, so it’s kind of nice to trim it down significantly.

The basic gameplan is to always lane with a partner in PvP or stay close to a partner in PvE. Reyna’s skills are designed to have her as a second-rank buffer/debuffer rather than a front-line fighter. With these gear and Helix choices she can also push a lot of damage downrange.

The only thing I find sad about Reyna, is that overshields granted by pickups are stronger than her boosted overshield, and that you can’t fire the pistol and her command glove simultaneously. Reyna looks and fits more for akimbo style than Ghalt.



Yeah I do consider it, but I tend to run Solo with randoms, so although I am always helping my team (help them to help myself) I don’t always focus that way

So I tend to partly focus on abilities that allow me to add to personal combat, but if I was running with, guys specifically and they were aware of what I was using, then I definitely see the advantage

Appreciate the detail on your kit, mine is very generic at the moment, and my shards tend to get spent on Minions and turrets (Meltdown is my go to gametype).

So I tend to go for a cheap build reduction, then I will focus on large minions and turrets to start with, helps me level and helps the team.

Later on I will then start to use my other gear, which is generally health regen/attack damage.

Very conscious my gear build leaves little to be desired, so really appreciated you taking the time to put the detail in

I will never be that cool :laughing:

I’ve been playing Reyna the past few days to get a proper look at her. And it’s not just Gal, but Kelvin can be unstoppable with her support. None of my team really plays Gal, but i’d assume she would be the equivalent of a T100…

I think she’s easily one of the best supports I’ve played, particularly later in the game. When your tank is attacking a target it’s so easy to shield them, then have your homing plasma’s hit the enemy. This is why Kelvin is a great combo with his stun. But Montana too with those freezy bullets and Phoebe with that nasty teleport slow.

I’m using a cooldown to get the healing/overshield up quick. Works wonders.

Once you get those homing plasma’s it really helps to be on the fringe of anything, just pick your target and help out. Just went 10-0 which was nice.

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