How do you score higher and does difficulty influence drops?

I’ve been trying to unlock Kleese before I work on unlocking Ghalt but for whatever reason I can’t seem to get above bronze on the archive or Heliophage.

With the Archive I managed to clear it fairly quickly at 25 minutes while keeping the objective’s HP above 90% still no dice. Heliophage is tricky due to the knock-back + death pits. However we managed to do both with zero deaths.

Any insights on how the scoring system works? Do you get more points with more people or something?

Also does difficulty influence drops at all?

Me and my brother are having the same issues on the same two missions, I believe you need at least 4 players for more enemies otherwise it’s not enough score

On the heliophage I managed to get 137k score with four people on advanced 80k normal and as for the archive can’t get above 38k score with two people opening every box and killing everything on advanced so most likely gonna have to get 3-4 people to get a high enough score

Do we know for sure if its based on score? I have gold on some missions with a lower score than I do on my silver medal missons with higher scores. It feels like medals are determined by more than just score alone.

Just ran it with 5 people got right at 50k score


My brother and I unlocked Ghalt by playing every mission on advanced as a duo and scored silver on each mission and the last 2 scored a gold.

You need to open all chests, pick up all items, explode all shard containers, etc. Time does not work against you so take your time and run like a mouse on crack when you defeat a boss and collect the bonus multipliers.