How do you spec Brick throughout the game?

Looking to grab Borderlands 1 remaster soon, as I haven’t played this game since its original release where I exclusively played Lilith. This time around, I want to try out Brick since I have seen some pretty cool end game builds with him online (Blast Master builds especially). However, all of these builds involve level 61-69 skill point distributions and end game gear. Seeing as I don’t remember much about the BL1 weapons and skills, I was wondering if any of you Blast Master experts could provide a rough guide on how you would spec out Brick as you level up (what skills to target first, playstyle, etc) and which weapons that aren’t end-game to be on the lookout for.


I’m lvl 34 atm i went
Rapid reload
Pay back
From there I’ll probably go master blaster, unbreakable, and die hard

It’s not what you asked, but i’m levelling up a brick at the moment and if you haven’t tried it i’d recommend a Beserk/Melee build for PT1 or at least part of it. His action skill gets less and less useful the higher you go and its a fun play style to enjoy while you can. Also - all you need is a good COM and shield so it’s less gun-reliant.

For late-game master blaster stuff there are a few great guides on Youtube that are still relevant as well as @Frightning guide to the master blaster com.

I wanted to go right into blast master brick so I reset for one of those new shiny explosive loyalty legendaries you get at the beginning in the enhanced version then went straight into endowed since that’s not something I’m used to doing early game with pre-enhanced borderlands.
rapid reload
blast master

I stuck with the best explosive revolver, x3 or x4 explosive sniper, and explosive smg/machine gun I could find while leveling. I lead off with the sniper for my kill skills then traded off to revolver for more pinpoint shooting or full auto for close/mid range gunning.

For Playthrough 1

I did Endless Rage 5/5, Heavy Handed 5/5, Short Fuse 5/5, Blood Sport 5/5, then I went Hardened 5/5 and lastly Juggernaut 5/5

I was level 35 at the end. Pure Melee focused and was kicking ass (very fun). I used Launchers and Shotguns.

I respecced at the start of Playthrough 2 and went
Hardened 5/5, Safeguard 5/5, Juggernaut 5/5, Die Hard 5/5, Unbreakable 5/5, Rapid Reload 5/5, Revenge 5/5, Endowed 5/5, finally Master Blaster 5/5

It was awesome especially when I got some explosive weaponry. I rarely died during both Playthroughs. I used warmonger and skirmisher coms for PT1 and Blast master for PT2. It was the most fun I have had in years in Borderlands. Brick is definitely my favorite to play. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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There are couple of old guides on here , as well as youtube videos.

But I am the same as you, and wanted some rough guideance as to what to play with for brick.
Honestly I follow joltz and k6 with little bit of my own research so take the all of above advice and mine with pinch of salt and playa round but here is my recommend.

I always recommend for easy playthrough do claptrap DLC , farm the worms their for exp and then try get through all that dlc for a farmable scable loot room for your play through and a additional skillpoint

1- 14/15
get yourself something that hits hard and isnt too slow to reload , I generally play with a mian weapon and then a FFYL backup e.g. rocket launcher

Melee - this is useful for basically if you want to mess with melee or you havent got good guns

Great melee damage all round in and out of your action skill

Guns - Basic start for boosting reload speed for heavy damage gun works well if they have high fire rate as well
I usually go split early for revenge and wide load because rocket launchers work great with brick and a helix or burst one gives me a good chance for second winds and high damage when im back into corner

Surviablity - if your struggling to stay alive or just want to play safe ( I dont recommend this as Im a more offense is a good defence early on)

I do one for daze as it can be useful but otherwise beef your health and shield.
juggernaught helps reduce damage but it is a kill skill and you need to be getting kills for it to be super useful (better later on)

15-39 - I do a big level leap here because the above three builds can be tweaked and altered as you go down to get these layouts - all good in thier own way depending on how you want to play

BTW - I assume at points you have stopped to either farm exp or gear or done claptrap/zed dlc just to get to this level cap. I find most people end up about 34+ towards playthrough two

Melee -
Once again we’ve pushed down the left tree - picking up to reduce berserk cooldown and picking up blood sport for regen

I don’t put max points into it as if we getting enough kills juggernaught procs to reduce damage and getting vial drops and kills helps with regen ( Note this is berserk use only)
Middle tree synergieses for toughness - boosting health and shield
juggernaught for damage reduction , daze for odd chance it helps keep enemies still for kill.

Pay back and die hard - payback for when shield does go down but help get damage for kill to proc juggernaught and wait action skill. Die hard is just for the extended FFYL time and health when you do go down
Of course Unbreakable for shield boost so everything can link together for pay back to get damage, procs juggernaught for damage reduction, , procs heavy handed when you get kill for damage.

So you can keep swining.

Guns -
Here for guns - keep to right tree

Revenage for kill skill - damage boost.
Rapid reload - does exactly what we need
I put two into wide load and 1 everywhere else - mainly for class com boosts (pick what you need for sitautons.

Then middle tree for toughness - pick your poision more health or more shield
keep to the juggernaught for damage reduction
1 point for die hard and then 3 into payback.

Its all about damage, getting kills, procing skills - rinse and repeat.

Survablity - I won’t skill tree this because now the middle tree merges into what you want either melee or gun play.

See the above and basically if you want to shoot or melee but start tough - spec into middle tree as above and then brach left or right.

Its all about end game

Now below are two builds I spec awhile ago and I fiddle with as required but they do what they need to do
( This assume youve got the extra skill points from DLCS)

Melee -

I added in more duration to bersek and sting like a bee to help close the distance

Spec into right tree for the reload and damge when you have to use guns plus liquidate if you do use explosive weapons helps with cool down

I have three points left over and generally if Im using explosive i go for addiontla cool down otherwise I throw into middle tree for addiontal toughness or damage where I need it

Guns -

Here I min max to a degree - I spec a little into melee because I make use of the action skill from time to time otherwise

I swap comms depening on if Im bossing or mobbing.

But this is my flow game play - I get kills, proc skills rinse and repeat, give me buffs when I need it and I throw the points where I require them as needed.
More damage, more damage resitance

Master blaster while a good skill - you dont get full use of the regen due to kill skill duration so I only do a max of three points but you can do two and shift else where as needed.

But overall play around and have fun but these builds have helped me in my plays with brick and I hope they help you.

Happy hunting