How do you start combining to make a weapon or finish putting one together?

Can someone give me a guide to combining weapons. And items?

You mean in the grinder?

For TPS Grinder:

Note that if you have questions about a specific game from within the Handsome Collection, it’s usually better to go to the game category itself - you’ll find a LOT of information in the #borderlands-2 and #borderlands-the-pre-sequel sections of the forums.

The grinder in overlook can combine items?

No, the Grinder in Concordia in The Pre-Sequel (TPS). That’s the only place to combine weapons and make something else.

If you mean weapon merging, it’s a game glitch that GBX have worked to eliminate where it was most eqgregious (eg. the infamous Evil Smasher glitch).

Then there’s Sal gunzerking, for which effects on one weapon can transfer to the other. Check out the Salvador section - should be a link in the “Community Resources” thread, or you can just google for “what works in off-hand”.

The grinder in overlook is for a side mission , although it activates when you throw an item in to it at anytime.
You dont get anything from it though.