How do you stay in a party when trying to farm?

Is there a way to stay in the party if the leader backs out of the game?

Trying to farm in a party, but every time we back out to reset it breaks our party up and we have to join his game again.

Unfortunately, everytime the host quits and saves the connection is broken. It’s only possible to stay with a party when the host travels in and out of an area, whether via fast travel or otherwise. The problem is some of the places for farming are only spawned when the host quits and saves. Anyone can chime in on this but this has been my experience in the almost three years of playing this game on and off. Hope this helps.

Was in that same situation the other weekend, Just had to rejoin the host’s game as soon as it popped back up on the main menu. We stayed in touch using party chat (rather than in-game) so that, if someone hit a snag, we’d know to wait for them.

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Thanks. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.