How does Amara compare to Moze?

I was thinking of starting another character, but I’m having trouble deciding between the two. What are their strengths and weaknesses? How do they do with bosses and endgame activities?

Can only speak for moze… she shreds. Iron bear is cool until u finish main story, then u need 2 respec. IB needs to be reworked for mayhem. He just doesnt cut it. Not even close.


In my experience amara struggles early on, but the second you finish the campaign and start stacking your elemental damage combos with allure the crowd control is unmatched imo.


You’ll literally only jump into iron bear to catch yourself from going down… then reposition and hop back out … her iron bear is very inadequate late game and the hud is kind of obnoxious when your inside of it but her character skills are good… if you like melting bosses with splash damage and nade spamming mose is the way to go…


My buddy plays Amara and even with whatever nerfs they’ve done recently with the right artifact and skills she’s unstoppable in melee. We haven’t done alot of boss fights with her yet but I think she’s fine if you like melee.

Amara has best melee potential of all the characters, but she can spec good utility and elemental damage too. A bit broken almost atm, with the right gear she’s shredding bosses on Mayhem 3 as fast as Fl4k.

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What gear do you recommend for her? What build do you use?

Currently running Katagawa to get her Phasezerker Legendary mod for her, though it make get nerfed/tweaked possibly in the future cause some of the ways it interacts with her Mystical Assault tree skills seem a bit off. I’ve been running Legendary Breaker for the close range damage reduction and damage boost to Find Your Center. Pair that with a 120% melee boost weapon and the Unleash the Dragon relic for melee damage specced DoTs on enemies and you just have to tap mobs once and they burn up by themselves.

Trying to get ahold of a Face-Puncher next, maybe a White Elephant for sticky bomb chances on melee. Also been told that and Unleash the Dragon proc at a fractional damage rate using Face Puncher so it still lets her do damage at range with a melee spec. Using a Recharger shield until I can get a Brawler Ward from Graveward.

I think one of my big concerns with her is with bosses. I’m also thinking of playing Moze - I know her one build with the grenades is insane, but that fact that her action kill is kinda boring is really putting me off of using her. How does Amara fair against bosses?

I have both at 50 and farming M3 and personally i love Moze even though her action skill is complete garbage atm. Bottomless mags plus Shield of retribution tree makes for a tankier non stop firing bad ass chic. Adding in a lightning Hex, class mod with Vamphyr and i strip shields and heal to full pretty fast if i need it. Using Torgue Lasersploders and it’s really good. Amara i hear is really good in melee build but i play a FPS to SHOOT not punch lol. I built as Elemental and she is dam strong too. Some Cutsmans in her hands and stuff melts. I just have more fun on Moze never having to worry about reloading mid fight.

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Amara is kind of a jack of all trades master of a really surprising number of them. She can put together interesting combos or builds for just about any style of play and manage to make them work amazingly well.

I haven’t played as much Moze but she feels fairly limited by comparison.

Can’t say about endgame but 40s.

Amara as Brawler/Fist of Elements is a hell of meleer. Melee is so effective backed with gears that spamming punches is better than shooting which can be a quickly boring gamplay imo. You will have to regulate it in that case like I did invest more on the elements on the later play.

Mystical Assault in my experience is somehow difficult to concentrate on shooting since you have to spam skill and check cooldown every time. If you don’t, not just uneffective but also hard to survive even with Brawler survival investment. It demands you to play hectic.

Compare to Amara, SoR/Bottomless Moze is a lot simpler gameplay which is all about gunfight, grenades and finding cover for recharging shield when needed. It’s simply tough and high dmg output that you don’t need to activate Ironbear for the most of time. If you’re a Doomguy material, I think this Moze is the best.

IMO it’s a simple choice of whether you want balls to the wall focus on guns and grenades - OR- melee and skill combos.

IMO in the long run not having to reload with Moze alongside with her easy stacking gun buffs to wazoo is just a safer bet.

Amara holds her own. I don’t think her builds are especially broken, and she’s not in the league that I hear Moze is. But it’s still plenty easy to chew through mobs and bosses.

Amara starts pretty squishy but scales amazingly well with good guns and gear. She has several viable builds.

Moze starts very strong but falls off abysmally later. Iron Bear is not even worth using aside from as a turret. The only thing Moze has going for her is her crazy 'nade build, which is very gear dependent.

I play both Moze and FL4K. I say play what you think farm.

After FL4K nerf, people are calling for Moze nerf, who knows, Amara will be next…

My advice is play whatever character and build you like.

Funny thats the two characters I focus the most on.

Full disclosure. Both characters recently hit 50, TVHM and also Mayham modifiers. I do have several legendaries but nothing that resembles a “build” and as such have skilled the way I felt comortable with (probably ineffective, not min-maxed you know).

Early on both characters only really difer through their action skills as skills themselves dont have a real impact on your gameplay apart from exceptions.

Amara grants you control in every fight, Moze is a simple beast every 2 minutes. The cool-down of Moze makes it an action skill you try to “save” when dung really hits the fan instead of just tossing it out the way you do with Amara. As such Amara gives you more a better feel of “interaction” making you adapt your gamestyle around your weapons AND your skill. Mozes gameplay centeres around the guns she finds. Thats pretty much it.

Around lv 20-22 I think things started to change considerably for me to notice. I usually try to find an “efficient” approach to beating an encounter. This requires the correct weapon, correct positioning and of course precision.

With Moze I noticed that I started to ignore this concept more and more. Spot an enemy and go full-blast on him. Stay with one weapon that is “descent” against all resists instead of switching to the optimal one. just overwhelming your target with bullets does the trick (needless to say I specced endless mags). I often run outside of cover or overextend with Moze behaving like a tank because I always have my fall-back card, Ironbear to save my skin. I can use him to get out of tight spots, make mince meat out of scrub enemies or burn down tougher targets…even bosses. Sure I need to tread lightly during the 2 minute cooldown but once its up again I am back to my reckless gameplay.

Amara really never changed for me. I stayed in cover and paid great attention to not getting caught in a crossfire, took potshots rather then drown an enemy in lead (bosses being the exception) and try to make best use of any weapon I have…switching and updating often. Her skills later on give her greater damage output then Moze but she really has to work for it when Moze is a simple animal in contrast.

This is my experience from leveling both classes up. My experience and entertainment I had is based on that. Endgame might change either class considerably I dont know. There certainly are enough endgame videos available for both that make em both valid selections.

In the end you have to make a decision based on your own preferences (and you dont really share a lot about yourself). I tried to outline qualities of both classes as I perceived them. Personally I favor Amara because I like to watch the world burn :slight_smile:

Let us know what you decided on and what you think of her (whoever you pick) ^^

To be fair no character can be compared to the other.

i can only talk about how op these characters are:
Amara imo is the most balanced character of the 4, not too op, not too weak.
Moze is in the op side of things.
Fl4k is the most broken thing i’ve seen in a while.
Zane got a buff but he’s still a bit weak

They both seem to be very effective at mobbing. I think between the two of them I really would like to know how they do against bosses, especially Amara.

Amara is the strongest character ingame at the moment.She can do absolutely everything in the game.Just because all of her skills are too good.(Literally too good).Deletes everything while casually mobbing.With a proper build does that to bosses too.
You don’t need to find exploits , broken mechanics either or something shady.(Trust me it dosnt take much for her to be a beast).And if you happen to start exploiting the stronger builds,youll probably quickly realise she is the one.

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