How does Amara do in the endgame?

With the right gear and build, I’ve seen Amara make short work of mobs. How does she fair against bosses during the endgame, especially on Mayhem 3?

I play Amara as a main and i have no issues keeping up with solo boss kill times I see online as people playing Fl4k, I’m not quite as fast but I’m also filthy casual. I’ve ran all kinds of builds and she can be fun and powerful

Truth is they all do well.
I play as Zane and Amara and always takes me a while to alt back in.

Don’t be afraid to respec to try new things that maybe annointed will dictate.

Just got the face puncher so will have a great melee build for Amara. I will then not choose to fight Ag300, tyreen, rampager or grave

But easier melee bosses

She does very good in endgame with farming bosses and mobbing.
However after reading the patch notes,her turn to be “adjusted” is coming.
Meaning developers won’t fix any of her previous problems but just blatantly reduce some numbers.
That just happened with Moze,without fixing her Iron-Bear.So don’t get your hopes too much.