How does Aria's Encore work?

Hey everyone, I was wondering how the legendary gear from Atticus and the Thrall Rebellion worked? Specifically, Aria’s encore. Do you get up to 19.57% Skill damage increase during mission based on opps points, or is it based on opps points you get higher output when gear is given?

P.S. Is it just me, Or are some characters missing voicelines (Especially on Xbox One. )

Edit: Thank you all for the help, and yeah, the new voiceline change SUCKS. Please revert gearbox.
Even common lines for regular abilities (not ults) can be missing. (Most notably Oscar Mikes frags)

If you played 10 times the missions you get the bonus from the start(or once you can pay)

And the voice lines you mean ults? Is to help noobs a la overwatch. So Ppl know who is using ult.

Idk about the encore, but ya they recently updated it so ults only have a single quote. Alot of people dislike it, so much so that the threads got merged into one big thread because there were so many dissaproving of it.

Its sad to have so many lines to never heard them… Like a quad kill D: i have never made one.

It’s up to 20 per Ops points. .2 per point. And ult lines were removed across all systems, except for one. You’ll notice it’s much louder now

.20 per Ops point. Every 5 Ops point will give you 1% Increase in skill damage. Max Roll Stats that is.

I love it. that’s a 25.46% Skill Damage buff on one piece of gear should you get 100 OPs points, which is great for that final fight. I use that on Orendi, so she can get an amazing buff to obliterate Aria.

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The purpose of the Encore is to increase your attack as the OPs increase and the damage against you is increasing.

Tip: Don’t stand in front of anything at 100 OPs, 3k instant damage is pretty common.
Strafe every enemy and dance for your life.


Insert melka and orendi dance here

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Thanks Everyone! So what you’re saying is that this gear is buffed when in mission, and useless in PvP? Thank goddness.
Well, thanks for the pointers,

BTW, even at 57 Ops Points, a single Attack will instantly kill a full health Alani. I know because in Public I got left alone and lost due to instant deaths (I was on the last phase of Aria too.) And at 85 Ops points, well, yeah.

Only the ult lines were taken out, nothing else

EDIT: and I’m late to the party

Its sad to never hear some lines like a quad kill

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Outside of its cooldown and skill damage without OPs points, yeah. If you’re going to use a legendary CD relic in PVP, go with the Firmware Update instead.