How Does BL2 Round Numbers?

I’m aware that numbers generally get multiplied by 1.13 per level, but while trying to predict the max health gain from a survivor COM at X level I’ve run into the problem of being slightly off.

I’m within <1%, and I think the only way I could be so close but still wrong is if I’m incorrect about BL2s rounding method. Currently I’m just rounding to the nearest integer. I.E 1.4 = 1 & 1.6 = 2


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hope this helps with your goal.

I believe the displayed values may simply be truncated rather than rounded. I don’t have anyway of confirming that, however.

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Okay, truncating produced an interesting result. I haven’t checked EVERY level of COM, but it seems that any COM at or above level 54 is predicted perfectly, but any com below level 54 is predicted to have one fewer point of increased max health.

being at most one point off is fine for my purposes, but it’s interesting that it only happens up to level 54. Either way, that’s the mystery solved for me, so thanks for the info!