How does Boldur keep up early game?

I’ve been playing around with Boldur, and he is fun, but I am having issues using him in the early game. I can stay alive, and contribute to team fights, but I can’t get enough kills and eventually start falling behind in levels. Should I be spending more time trying to kill minions and mercs early game? What else can I do to gain experience, since I likely won’t be doing much damage to heroes early game and just basically being a bullet sponge for the team?

Thanks for the help.

I just posted how I play him hope it helps.

Thanks, but not really. I get your build and I get how to use him in the mid to late game, but early on I have no idea how to effectively level. Is there anything you can do to level other than killing things? I assume early game you are focusing on beating down minions to soak up XP?

Use your passive whenever possible early (activate with dash or kill something) after 5 do not use the dash to activate rage. I don’t really know what else to tell you, sorry.

Assuming we’re talking PvP here.

  1. Don’t go it alone. Want to be near a teammate, preferably a damage dealer.
  2. Tag enemies. You’re not strong or hardy enough yet to take out most enemies yourself. Get in, get a hit or two and then defend (unless enemy is focusing your teammate.) While the enemy is focusing on you, hopefully your teammate will finish them off. Since you tagged them earlier you should get an assist. Axe throw is great for tagging fir assists especially if you come across a teammate about to finish someone off.
  3. Spend shards on buildables rather than gear at first. This will help supplement xp lacking from kills. Once you hit level 5 you can start spending on gear as you are now more deadly and less reliant on buildables for xp.

Hope those suggestions help.

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Use your quick melee to move people out of position for your team.

The question is how you are gaining XP early. Are you targeting minions mostly? Something else? I can’t imagine you are getting many player kills at low levels…

Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for.

So building things gains XP? Do you have to land the killing blow on a minion to get XP for it or is there an assist type thing similar to how player kills are tracked?

You just have to hit them to get the assist exp on minions.

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If you get enough shards, try to build a turret unless they have too much range. Melee often aims for your turret and you can stundash them into it. Aim for the Shepherd but stay close to yours for the overshield buff as much as possible, then target theirs, aim for the weak spots for crits and maybe get a couple hits for assists on the minion bots. Securing kills is a good way to get exp early for boldur, so lane with someone who can help secure kills or also has a stun.

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I play mostly PvE. Getting a lot of pickups helps. I always pick the overshield option at level 1 and I have what I consider a pretty amazing piece of gear for Eldrid characters… it’s a rare piece of armor that provides +280 max. health, +210 max. health if shield are depleted and -9%-ish sprint for 630 shards. I spend a good portion of my time blocking or charging into combat, sprint isn’t entirely important with much more health, but that’s for PvE, I suck at PVP no matter who play.