How does boom enhance work?

So the ability says “whenever you summon the clone, it consumes up to three grenades” yet if I only have one grenade, it doesn’t consume it, and if I have 2, it only consumes one of them, so I’m confused… Surely it should consume all the grenades I have if I have 3 or less?

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I haven’t used Boom Enhance extensively, but my understanding is that the number of grenades used is random, between 1 and 3, for each activation; and limited only by the current amount of your inventory.

The Digi-Clone’s bonus stats for that activation are generated according to how many are used.

The only part of what you have written that doesn’t fit with this, is where you say it did not use a grenade when activating, while you had one left in inventory.

If this is the case, did you have any grenade regen operating at the time (skill/gear)?

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Nope, no grenade regen at all, to me, the wording makes it sound like it will always use 3 grenades if you have them, but also 2 or 1 if that’s all you have, no where does it make it sound random every time?

Consuming “up to three grenades” doesn’t suggest it will always choose the maximum number available.

Not sure what’s going on with the one grenade not being consumed however. Perhaps someone who uses Boom Enhance more extensively will chime in on that part.

FWIW, my thinking there is that if zero grenades are consumed, Boom Enhance could/should not be activated at all, as you would receive no additional stats anyhow

Hmmm, I think the wording needs clarification tbh, as to me that does mean it will always consume 3 if I have 3, if it said “might consume upto 3” then it would make sense, but it says whenever Zane summons his digi-clone it consumes up to three grenades, that to me means it will always do it, otherwise the skill is very unreliable and almost not worth taking

that was my assumption but if you take the exact wording literally it may well be a random number upto and including 3 :crazy_face:

Where You see here “Always 3”? For me (and I’m NOT native with english language) it sounds like it should use 0-3 grenades. Dunno what’s so hard to understand here.

For me i read it as if you have 3 it will consume them, if you have 2 it will use them, and if you have 1 it will use that, not, it “might” use upto 3

If this is really random it’s the worst and most random most unnecessary use of rng in a game ever


Technically “up to 3” basically means “no more than three”. Common knowledge would assume it would use as much as possible, but technically that isn’t what the wording specifies.
I have seen plenty of stores on sale with a GIANT 70% discount sign, to be preceded by a tiny “up to”. In means nothing, only that there is at least one item discounted 70%, not everything. And in terms of the wording of the skill, not always.


If it was supposed to be random, I think it would be worded like the other rng based skills that say “has a chance to” like duct tape mod. It wouldn’t make much sense to use a random amount of grenades if the wording is “consumes up to”. In that case it should say “has a chance to consume up to 3 grenades”.

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That’s in marketing and advertising though, a ploy used to trick suckers to coming into your store. This is not that though. When it consumes 3 grenades it summons a Super Ultimate Badass, and with the regen in the tree, it points to consuming as many as it can, within the 3 capacity max.

As far as OP goes, it sounds like it’s bugged cause when I ran this skill I always popped it when I have at least 3 grenades and it worked as intended to summon the most powerful version

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How did you test it? I mean fractal frags should use up an additional grenade as well have you not specced into that? Then, there there is a guardian skill that regens a grenade every 10 kills. So did something get killed between activating the clone and checking for grenades?

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Fractal frags does not use grenades from your stock, they are free.

Duct tape mod does, but when you get to 0, it still procs and continues to throw them.

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Why does it specifically says that the grenade that is thrown when the clone dies is free, if any grenade the skill throws with the clone is free.
Whatever the skill trees got google translated it seems

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It always confused me that DTM uses grenades based on their availability. In that case it’s better to just not use DTM since it’s inefficient anyways and then requires you to have grenade regen, otherwise it messes with your Boom Enhance stock.