How does Boomer compare to Kyb's Worth?

The stats alone suggest that KW is plain better, but I seem to be tearing up enemies just as effectively. Is there some kind of hidden modifier on Boomer?

I like the gun, just not sure whether to switch to it as my main SMG.

I haven’t tried the Boomer yet. Kyrb’s worth is all right but my main SMG now is the Redistributor. Try to get one with an anointment. It’s crazy good.

I’ll have to do some runs once I find people

Joltz did a review for Boomer and it seems a bit lackluster. I’ve gotten a couple but haven’t tried them yet.

I don’t get why the stats are so low on so many guns in this game - when many people are already at M4 and don’t always want to use the obvious… Ones I fear to mention because of the Nerf Police and Bullet Sponge lovers.

I’ve got a 50% 2 mag incendiary ASE, Boomer with fire element. And guess what…it is as weak as 95% (a figure I just pulled out the air - based on weeks of personal experience.) of the other legendary guns in this game.

Slightly better stats would mean more viable options at end game… I.e. where everyone gets to pretty quickly as Boarderlands games are fun and addictive.