How does clappy pair with explosive damage?

Aside from that one skill late in boomtrap tree that gives you 30% something increase to explosive dmg after you reload, I see no reason why people always take explosive weapons.

I understand why they take elemental to proc CC, but I don’t get the synergy with explosive weapons on him. I only ask bc I just started a clap trap and am using explosive weapons and am always asking myself why.
So far I went down boom tree, to get CC and 1 point middle tree for ML for heals.

Just looking on some early claptrap input. Guns, boom skills, etc.

Load ‘n’ Splode has a stacking system, so you get more explosive damage the more you reload. At 5/5 and max stacks you get +100% explosive damage.

Explosive weapons also tend to have more synergy with One Last Thing than most other weapons due to how the skill works with splash damage.

L’n’S, Grenade Vent, Coms that boost L’n’S and/or Grenade Vent, or give straight extra epl. damage. All explosive damage tripled on frozen targets. Maniacal Laughter gives extra changes to inflict status damage, including freeze. Explosive Novas through Trap Card, Start with a Bang and 2nd wind by Tediore just to name a few.

For builds and gear, go for the Top Gear thread and the Builds posted in this section. Most have gameplay vids to give you an idea how it works.

Ok thank you very much, but for early play before I get LnS, it doesn’t matter if I have explosive weapons. considering I just have CC so far, it’s prob smarter to have NO explosive weapons, at least until I get the buffs to the dmg.

I also never saw a reason for safety first

Safety first might be more useful from tvhm on, normal mode is very forgiving on mismatching elements and enemy damage in general. I’d personally stay away from cc altogether and go for explosive weapons. You still get triple damage on frozen targets, regardless of whether you have lns or not.

Get a Tediore Shield and try out shield subroutine.

Don’t forget OLT; it boosts all explosive weapons whereas Grenade Vent only boosts gyrojets.

not quite. OLT boosts ALL weapons. GV boosts grenades and Tediore reload chucks and splash on explosive guns.

GV only boosts guns that get grenade damage, which bars rocket launchers, Torgue-barrel ARs etc. out. OLT is more well-rounded for explosive because it boosts both bullet and splash.

Also I was referring to explosive gun damage weapons only, hence why I left out grenades, NE Tediore etc. out.

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Why not go for CC. What should I go for instead as a early boomtrap skill?
I won’t get any use out of explosive guns until I get LnS. That will be a while until I get any bonuses

Drop the Hammer and Killbot, I’d say.

Just have 1 cryo gun or grenade and one explosive gun. Your explosive gun does triple damage on frozen targets, even if you don’t put a single point into boomtrap.

I mentioned GV, because that effects Claptrap’s explosive damage in general. One of the higehst damage claptrap can deal is with tediore reloads (250mil is the highest I dealt at lvl 70 with a laser disker reload, regular damage around 50mil), while my highest damage with an explosive gun is around 20mil at best. so it’s pretty relevant in my book.

Well yeah, chucking in general outdamages most guns. It isn’t popular for mobbing though (afaik), for several reasons.

GV is of course relevant for boomtraps, I’m just arguing that OLT is more relevant.

So only lvl 13 but I put a few points into CC and feel like it’s a waste. I put 1 into laughter and 1 over into safety first ( I love it now).

But to be honest, I’m finding just using explosive guns I’m doing waaaaay more dmg. I have 49% explosive increase from mods, and CC just feels like it won’t be used.

At the same time, I think that kill bot would be moot too. Bc I have safety first, y do I want my shields being ticked away at? I don’t see the synergy here. Thanks!

Killbot heals alot of health on kills. The damage to the shields gets instantly patched up by the subroutine.
This allows you to “abuse” shields that would usually have a long recharge delay, such as Nova shields, and have novas way more often with Killbot and enemy damage wearing it down, and the subroutine instantly filling it up again.

Or when the health sub is on, then even if you’re shield is down, you have 30% more health, and the health ticks add on top of the killbot heals.

Oh ok. I’ll have to find a good NOVA and give it a try. You suggest using kill bot over CC in this case?

Always. Maxed killbot can bring you from 5% to 90% health on a kill, if your COM boosts it. Too good to pass imo.

Is clappy a bit of a slow starter? I feel like I’m struggling where Jack and aurelia tore through like tissue paper lol.

Maybe. Aurelia will struggle from lvl 30 on imo. Jack not quite so.

Yea but at 13 I’m going down a lot. I also only have a lvl 11 white explosive AR and a tmp. Lol

lvl up, and don’t use whites. hold out a little more and you get the vibra pulse to hug for a few levels.