How does crit damage work?

How much more damage do you do with crits/how does it calc the crit damage? Is it differnent between the other battleborns?

Crit damage deals 1.5 times the normal amount of damage to non shielded enemies in PVP. Shielded enemies cannot be critted. This makes Eldrid vulnerable. Otherwise, they are the same. You can crit them once their shields are down though. In PVE, the multiplier is 3.
Oops. Only Battleborn take 1.5 damage. All enemies, even minions and Thralls in PVP, take 3 times the amount. Sorry. @Slif_One thanks.

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Thank you, I didn’t know fully how crit worked either.

Just to clarify, the critical hit multiplier is 3x against all non-Battleborn enemies. So minions and thralls in PvP as well.

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Oh, I wanted to ask the same question, but was too lazy. Well then, how do +attack damage and +crit damage gear work?

crit_dmg_PVE = normal_dmg * (1 + attack_dmg_gear) * 3 * (1 + crit_dmg_gear)
crit_dmg_PVP = normal_dmg * (1 + attack_dmg_gear) * 1.5 * (1 + crit_dmg_gear)

Is that right? Or do they use other formuli?

Seems right.

It is correct I think, except it’s important to note that damage gear is not additive, but multiplicative. So 8 + 4 percent would not be 12 percent but 1.04 x 1.08.