How does finale work?

hi all,
i have played 2 matches and i dont really understand whats going on. if someone can explain how the finale works id be ever so grateful. thanks!

This image might help. It’s from the Winter Update livestream.

so when finale starts their are 4 ultra minions on the battlefield at once (2 per team and 1 in each lane)? and if none get through to the altar they spawn over and over with increasing strength until they reach the altar?

When the finale starts, the team that “won” the opening phase gets two ultra minion bots. The other team doesn’t get any this “first finale round.” So the team with the bots is trying to get at least one of them through a grinder while the team without bots is trying to destroy both bots before they make it into a grinder.

If both the bots are destroyed, a second finale round will start, and then both teams will get ultra minion bots.

First team to get an ultra minion into the grinder “wins.”

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oh cool. so winning team gets an extra round where their are no ultra minions opposing them and then after that their are 4 on the map (2 per team and 1 per lane)?

Yeah. Although I’ve never been in a game that’s made it to a second finale round. :neutral_face:

sounds like they should just skip that first round

Yeah, that’s something a lot of people have mentioned. Here’s a big thread about it: Meltdown: Finale

It sounds like a few people have had really great games, but, so far, the majority seem to have had less-than-stellar experiences. Who knows, maybe once people are more familiar with it it’ll be better.

The second round is actually bugged and never happens. When both Ultra minions die, no extra waves spawn and the game is essentially unwinnable for either side. (Tie-breakers notwithstanding)

It becomes team-deathmatch until the timer runs out or one team wises up and surrenders.

Oh hmh, based on the thread I linked above I know some people have had the game operate correctly. They’ve even posted videos. Maybe it’s only bugged in some circumstances? Not sure. I haven’t had the chance to play much of it.

Oh. Well either way, it’s something that needs looking at.

I actually want to have a close game of Finale that goes on for several waves of Ultra Minions.

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yeah that does sound fun :slight_smile:

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Oh me too! I hope to be in one someday. Here’s to hoping, fellow battlers! :wink:

I wish I would have recorded the one last night I was in. We started with a 1.0 bot and they had a 0.0. We went so long that we had a v14.0 bot or at least that’s when I stopped counting. It was amazing.


cool glad to hear this mode is working