How Does Fire Rate Stack?

I’m honestly ashamed of myself for not knowing this but how exactly does fire rate stack? Like I’m using Kitten with Gaige (8.4 fire rate). Using Chaotic Good, so 35% fire rate. I’d assume that would make it 11.3 straight up. But then how does The Better Half (60%) figure in? I don’t use BAR so those are the only FR buffs i have.

It’s not 60% of 11.3 is it? 60% of 8.4 added to 11.3? Just wondering how multiple bonuses stack

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I don’t know if we know :thinking:

All I could find was this post by @DeputyChuck saying we don’t know. However it is a post from 2013 and someone my have figured it out, but I couldn’t find it.

That’s march 13… of this year, not march 2013 :slight_smile:

And we still don’t really know for sure.
Assume it’s almost all additive and you’ll be closer to the truth than assuming it’s all multiplicative… but that’s about it.

Unlike damage where you can test with an actual numerical value, fire rate kinda has to be tested by sound or by counting how many bullets you have shot within x seconds… which is affected by framerate… Not ideal testing conditions.

I poured HOURS into this and came back almost empty handed


I did pretty much assume it’s not going to keep multiplying. I figured is was more like with my example, 8.4 with a 35% buff is 11.3, then with 60% from better half, it would be 60% of the orig 8.4 (5.0%) added on which would be 16.3. I’m just hoping it’s not lower than that. Like how cool down skills stack.

Thanks guys. I don’t feel as bad anymore

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How does frame rate affect it again, I’ve forgotten?
And how’d you go about testing it? I’m thinking that in theory it shouldn’t be difficult, but then you’d have cracked it ages ago, so…

This. Hence the follow-up.

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I guess in hindsight, I’m ashamed of not knowing that nobody knows


Fire rate works in increments of the framerate as the denominator (framerate/X )

For example, if your framerate is 30 (like on the old consoles) you can have a fire rate of 30 (30/1), 15 (30/2), 10 (30/3), 7.5 (30/4), 6 (5/30) and so on…

Any value below that cap will be brought down to the lower value. For example, still considering a framerate of 30, if you have a FR of 13, you’ll be brought down to 10 because the next step is 15.

The higher your framerate, the smaller the gaps are, but you will still be limited this way.

That’s one of the reasons it’s really hard to test because frame rate fluctuates over time.


Oh yes, that was it. Thanks.

I haven’t really looked at how consistent/inconsistent frames are for me, but that’s just a matter of leaving a meter on. The highest ‘capped’ setting is 120, followed by ‘unlimited’, but I can imagine framerate smoothing, PhysX and such will keep it from being a steady, reliable and mathematically comfortable 120 even if one’s system has plenty of performance margin (?)

…which would make it fiddly to just record, slow it down to the set framerate and do the math. One could turn everything ‘distracting’ off in an effort to get the steadiest framerate possible, but even then I’m not sure.

Unless you can ask your video editor to calculate the frames during a given second, adjust for that, then rinse and repeat.

That’s assuming it’s worth the complete hassle, of course, I have a sneaking suspicion it would just confirm your educated guess above. Should be doable, though.

Demonite has been doing a lot of detailed testing lately, claiming he has nothing better to do… buuuut he just got back into Warframe, so he’s probably lost to us for the foreseeable future :acmsmirk:

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