How does her mag skills work?

With the new Hellwalker buff, I was wondering if it was possible to get her above 2 mag to turn it into a 2+ shot (or any other small mag gun for that matter)

Specifically for the iron bank and matched set, but also for other mag buffs like COMs and artifacts. Are the buffs just additive?

Would 5 points in matched set with 4 Jakob’s weapons (aka 10%*4=40%) along with 5 points in Iron bank (35% mag) give a 75% buff to Hellwalker, or another value?

That would give a magazine of 3.5 (rounded down to 3 obviously) which would be a 2 shot.

Additionally, for info’s sake, her ammo regen skills based on a percentage of magazine, does it use the “true” value, or rounded down value? Obviously it would be a small number here, but there is technically a difference in one or the other. From my calculations the difference between 3.5 mag and 3 mag would be a new shot from 5.7 seconds to a new shot every 6.6 seconds.

Thanks for the info!

Not sure on the regen but it should be possible to increase mag size on hellwalker. Been able to get flakker up to 2 shots using combo of skills and gear before

mag size buffs are additive, and regen skills like redistribution and forge work off the rounded down value

If you want 2 shots on the Hellwalker, by far the easiest way is to use a artifact with mag size. Any max level artifact with a mag size roll will put your Hellwalker up to 3 in the mag which gives you 2 shots.

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