How does lag effect your gameplay

I have connection issues so for the most part a I play on 2 bar connection.
So often Times when I’m using projectile characters like Thorn , Alani and Deande , I can’t help but feel a slight noticeable delay When I’m firing and when the projectile actually goes.

Does the lag take effect ?

I’m from Australia.

Enough said on my end, lags out of thread


And ?

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I’ve a good connection but i often be hit by AOE like orendi pillars or Alani bubbles when i’m 5+ meters or more of it.
Or been killed after i reach a cover and shouldn’t be hit there.
Sometimes i fire at mercenaries and my bullet just pass throught the thrall.

So I assume it’s lag, but i’ve 3 green bars…

(from belgium)

Wierd. Do you experience spike lag sometimes (skipping frames)

Lag exist in every game.
The bars connection is a simplified form of this thing called “ping” which is calculated in numbers.

Ping is how fast info travels to and fro the server and your pc. (more experts correct me on this. I’m just speaking from what my feeble mind knows)

In classic fps games, they take the form of:
Low ping 0 to 50
Moderate ping 50 to 100
High ping 100 to 200
Let’s not play the game ping 200 onwards.

That’s for a decent game. Ofc there are good players that can make do with 250 ping and still end up top of the scoreboard.

I do not know or want to claim any number guesses of battleborn green yellow red ping.

And to answer your initial question,
YES. There will be lag and seemingly delayed projectiles, attack, damage, everything. Anything that requires the server to detect (mostly is damage and projectile attacks) will have a delay.

Most obvious character to test this is thorn. Load up a private game, make sure your ping is green.
Fire your arrow and mentally time the few split seconds from her letting go the bow string to an arrow being released. Next use Q and do the same. Lastly, use E, aim at a general spot and before casting, quickly twitch your mouse or controller to the left or right very quickly.

You will notice these for green ping.
Arrow comes out instantly.
Q launches instantly.
E lands on the spot where you twitched to (I.e. Not the same spot you originally aimed)

Now do the same in a game with yellow or worst, red ping.
Arrow will definitely lag a split second (noticible)
Q will have arrows lag same as above.
E will land on the original spot you aimed and not twitched spot (this is bad for last minute adjustments especially in pc where you can aim fast and adjust faster)

There is NO fix for this. It is inherent in all games. Shooter or not. You can only learn to live with it.

Some ways to reduce this occurrence, for pc only.
Make sure you’re in the correct region. Sometimes you have too little same region players and hence the game switches server (which is worst for you) to suit more players and not to stress the original server with more laggy players.

If you’re an Australian player or generally in Asia, chances are you always will get yellow or red ping due to low player numbers.

I’m from Asia and I rarely get green. And when I do, my score just goes from normal to sometimes hacker status due to all my shots actually landing on target. It’s quite hilarious. But not green actually makes me do worst due to being used to aiming in front of the target with yellow ping to assure my bullets land.

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my internet connection dropped to 2mb/s in the middle of June. lag is guaranteed if someone else in the house is using the internet at all. ive seen my latency go up to 2 seconds. definite delay in projectile abilities for me. also a pain when i try to activate a turret buildable to setup a thumper turret only to activate my ultimate and put up a shock turret instead.

And as a fellow Australian I can say it affects us negatively and often.

We almost always red bar, which makes some characters completely unplayable.

Try using Phoebe’s true strike in high Ping, melka’s claw lunge while airborne (lol) or anyone with a fast, jerky movement.

The horror is real.

Well that explains alot … -_-

What kind of answer are you looking for?

Yes lag has an effect on the game.

If you’re in high lag/ping basically the game sends the server information with less frequency, which means hit detection is wonky due to the discrepancy between where it looks like players are in your game compared to their ‘true position’.

This is why sometimes if you’re in a terrible connection you will appear to be miles around a corner only to be killed by someone who shouldn’t have LoS to you.

The server has to make an estimate on where you are since it is receiving information updates less often and will mess with a lot of stuff.

Sometimes you won’t even see projectiles like Benedict’s rockets when you fire them.

Some shooting games actually have better net code that even players with lag can still play well.
For example , battfield hit detection goes like this.
If you shoot a projectile from a tank to another moving tank , and on your screen you hit directly at them it will count as a direct hit (you also wont see any delay on acreen. Most modern games have that net code.

So for me , it actually suprises me that such old net code was used in battleborn (a 2016 game).
It actually explains to me why I “suck” with melee characters when I swing directly at a target and somehow I miss him although I’m very close to him.

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But don’t worry they have been aware of at least the australian issue since the open beta so we should have a solution soon. It’d be nice to have at least a mention of the issue being resolved in a battleplan just waiting on that oceanic server… Maybe it’s caught in the lag? :wink:

Lag truly makes melee characters near unplayable (except Deande/shayne with their projectiles) hell on average I only see an Alani/orendi bolt just as it is hitting an opponent rather than from the hand and skills go on cooldown after no activation.

Between this and the current balancing I’m starting to get real frustrated with Battleborn in general seriously 9/10 games with red bar.

I can understand your frustration.

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Pretty much.

Win/lose/draw/get stomped idc as long as I can actually play the game.

My dark side starts to come out when I’m getting murderised and the server can’t even decide where it wants to put me.

EDIT: Me playing a melee champ in rubber band lag:


Have faith in the king of the jungle and he will bless you with 6minutes of green bar once every 24 hours.

Yeah I rage after only a handful of matches now… Can’t even boldur dash, burst dash… Or any kind of dash haha

The Aussie connection is so bad it kicks you from private games… Seriously this should’ve been resolved (are at least attempted) in week one after launch.

R6 Siege had a similar issue on launch only to be resolved so I can’t see why GBX haven’t even attempted or acknowledged the issue at all in any battleplan or update.

EDIT: @Ginger_greninja I’m not sure that video is entirely accurate after all he managed to stab the enemy haha

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Red bar melee: when you can’t hit a slowed enemy running away from you in a straight line. The sorrow is real.

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The best part is-no one from Australia/New Zealand have gotten a reply from the devs in about 3 weeks regarding our awesome lag situation! Yay Down Under!


Yep, total blackout, I love when a big important issue is blatantly ignored… :confused:

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It truly gives you a warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t it?

Oh not the being ignored part I mean the ever growing frustration and rage that builds up every single match you play in red bar.


Just wondering if it is just something that needs to be patched up, but does anyone else have green bars and have their character “jump” forward, it is really annoying