How does Level Scaling work?

I thought I knew how Level scaling worked, but I had a character who accidentally started the TVHM Snowman DLC, so I decided to complete it so I could have the boss scale up when I completed the story. However, when I went back after defeating the Warrior, Mister Tinder was locked at level 35. Because of this, I’m afraid to start any mission for fear I’ll lock it at around level 60. As an example, I’m currently working through the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve in UVHM, and I haven’t started Doctors Orders because I’m afraid that doing so will lock the Midgets at Level 60. What are the rules for level scaling?

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level locked is only applicable in normal and true. uvhm all scale to your level. well except for mission rewards, it will stay lock-in on the level you accepted the mission.


Ok. Thanks.

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