How does Loot drop work in BL3?

How does loot work in Borderlands 3? I’m so confused from all the information out there. Doesn’t anyone have the official answers?

Are ALL items world drops?
Are some items exclusive to certain boses?
Are some items exclusive to certain Mayhem?
Is gear score and Annoited better in M4?

If we can get the official answer to this I would be very grateful. And my wife who is very casual would also be happy to know that we do not need to play Wotan in M4 for 3 hours. I can tell her that yes, we can wander anywhere and kill any boses and we have a change t get any item available in the game.

Thanks for your help on this and links if you have to official info on this!

Most items are world drops.

Some items now have more of a chance to drop from certain bosses and rare spawns.

Only the M4 ones are exclusive to certain bosses.

The Blacksite exclusive items are exclusive to Blacksite regardless of mayhem.

Higher mayhem will increase anoint chances. Gear score is irrelevant.


Thank you. Will look that over :slight_smile:

I see about 8 legendaries that are Wotan exclusives. WD on that chart means world drop. So to get those items we have to be 4 player raiding. Which sucks to be honest but whatever. It is what gesrnbox wants and it’s their game but it sucks that we pay full price for a game and have limited « access » to certain items just because we are not « Gud ».

One thing the community has reported is that Mayhem/ Luck increases do not affect spicific drops so for example Unleash The Dragon for El Dragon Jr will not drop more often dispite how much luck you have added.
I’m unsure about dedicated drops which where added last patch. But I can tell you I farmed for Sledge’s Shotgun on Mayhem 3 for 2 days, got tons of other world drops but only got the shotgun after I farmed on TVHM with another character.

To put it simply you have three types of loot drops:

Spicific loot drops: an item that will only drop from this enemy

World loot drops: items that can be found from any loot sorce across the game.

Dedicated loot drops: a world loot drop that has been given an increase drop chance on a specific mob.

Items are referenced in the RNG by part pools from their weapon type (i.e. sniper, AR, shotgun), and item score as correlated. Same as BL1. World drops are completely random, but depend on the item score of their drops as to how frequently good parts and good gun configurations will drop. The item score is the drop RNG in action. Most good legendaries are either of random score, or are not reliably farmable. So yes, item score does not matter. It is the controlled element of the RNG, so it does come into play, though.

Anointed weapons and their bonuses are also random. They have higher base item score than their non anointed counterparts, so they spawn less. Their item score value, is higher than some legendaries. So they drop significantly less.

Another thing about item score is I’m pretty sure it goes up with our level. It does not matter in the bigger picture, but it helps to know what the score is than to ignore it since it indicates the quality/rarity of what dropped, though the balancing of guns in BL3 means this is an irrelevant note. M4 only legs are of notably high scores. This is why they do not drop often. Same as to why pearls never drop before a certain level into BL2 (ignoring Tina’s eridium slot machine). Those items went into scores over 2-3 thousand.

To answer anything else asides item score nonsense:

  1. No
  2. Not legendaries or anything worth your time in base game. In the Maiwan Raid, there are a few so far.
  3. Yes, M4 only for some weapons. None of them are considered any better than the OP world drops in any mode.
  4. No.