How does Moze do against bosses?

With the right builds, how does Moze do against bosses, both on Normal and TVHM, and with Mayhem 3 modifiers?

Probly better than the others depending on the build, except a mech build, the mech sucks.


she does really good. and like harvest said mech sucks, it dies to easy only thing i think its good for right now is to proc anointed modifiers

There’s also a bug where sometimes when you call the mech, it just unspawns instantly. The mech is fun though, just not productive


Iron bear isn’t as tanky as Moze herself at endgame on TVHM Mayhem 3. Its not useless though. However the whole small battlemech / killa can thing seems exaggerated due to either a lack of overall armor points/health or lack of damage reduction. The weapons from experience aren’t going to do OMG high damage to enemies or bosses but with the exception of maybe the nukes they can deal fairly consistent output and tend to work well munching normal enemies and badasses. Explosive chainguns work great for those annoying anointed tinks that like to shrink to tiny size and run away when they get hit.

I think the better question to ask is “how well do the bosses do against Moze?” and “is Iron Bear a good cheerleader” haha. Moze wrecks pretty much all of the content without ever using her mech in endgame

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I beg to differ, its fairly useless except to proc things, it’s still fun though. On mayhem 3 it takes forever to kill anything at all with it, no matter the weapons set. The nuke itself takes forever to kill a badass, when moze with just a green gun can kill it 20 times faster.

Moze does pretty well with the correct build

I use IB to recover shields the very rare time I have to. Pretty much all it’s there for.


Well, that’s the issue right there. Mayhem mode shouldn’t be the standard to balance teh game around.

As to the OP, Moze does fine against bosses. Many of her abilities don’t proc off kill skills, so they stay relevant throughout the fight.

Killing Graveward TVHM M3 under 5 seconds as Moze without optimal gear. Mobbing is a joke in general.

There’s nothing I can’t kill in relatively short order. A Fl4k crit build is the only thing that’s really any faster.

Like everyone’s saying tho, she’s the Gaige of BL3. Her action skill is pretty useless. Well… It can actually be better than a lot of people are giving it credit for BUT you’re always better off spending your points elsewhere.

get a MIRV-hex grenade, take demo-build and you can simply slaughter anything with minimal effort. I’m also using 2 kind of Torgue’s Scourge rocket launchers for more guided-area damage. You can also use auto-bear mode for make some synergy with your weapons (if you have one)

Honestly Moze’s demo builds is strongest atm

Really good but somewhat gear dependent. A lot of her boss killing potential comes from her ammo bonuses and multiplicative scaling on splash damage and crits. Only specific weapons take full advantage of all of those features, but the ones that do can speed farm bosses almost as well as fl4k.