How does MP work?

Well, how does this work? Is every game password protected?

Seems like a bug. It’s impossible that every game is PW protected…

Perhaps it defaults to a certain password unless you set one yourself.

That’s how it is currently, but I see players joining other peoples’ games.

Either the bug is for only some users, or the bug goes away if you join a game that has a password set intentionally; a password you also know of.

Did you manage to join a game successfully? Also, before you create a game, you MUST set up a password. I tried creating a free one but I doubt you can.

Also, why are some peoples’ versions Incompatible? Do you want to try and host a game and see whether we can play or not?

A new update was launched. Some has it, some don’t. (restart game).

I have a game up now called ‘Password->pass’

[edit] Well SOMEONE joined when using this method – but they asked for 3v3 and promptly left when I said no :frowning:

I take it placing the psw with the title of the hosted game will get past this problem?

Trying to restart and join!

Apparently I have no update available, and I can’t see your game either. Let’s see

Tried it and it doesn’t work, unfortunately.

I also cannot see to the bottom of the games list in the lobby


I am the same. Every game is password protected, even after restarts. Waiting for a fix and campaigning in the meantime!