How Does Oath of the Sustained Work?

The description says that 2.8% of damage dealt to enemy health is returned to allies as healing. Does this apply to damage dealt only by the wearer, or does it mean damage dealt by the allies?

By the wearer

Is there a range on it?

Finally got one this weekend and that sparked my curiosity.

That sucks. It isn’t worth the shards.

That’s a lot on Orendi

Anyone know if it stacks?

I want to know whether it heals you too, not only your allies. Have anyone tested? Before the last big patch I was pretty sure it does heal you because the healing was on stats page after a solo-played mission, but now there’s no healing there.

it’s a very very very bad item. The heal is not worth it at all. You can do lots of damage and throughout a 30 minute match you heal others for like 2k-4k hp. It’s just miserable numbers. It’s like you heal 100 hp per minute total, divide it by 4 and you get like ~25hp per minute or ~0,5hp/s. Is it worth the item slot and legendary cost? Well, you see the answer.

With my highest damage achieved, if I had someone next to me the whole match and it up as pond as I began healing, it would hit 8k healing on the person with me. Little value indeed. Well, if I had people with me the whole match it would heal 32k, but that’s very contingent

They patched lots of items so they don’t stack. So I would assume that it doesn’t. And if it does, then I’m sure a dev is looking into it :joy:

I doubt the word “stack” should be used for that gear. It heals for different amount of health every time, not applies an effect with fixed stats.

That’s a good point

Good point,
What I mean is if let’s say a team of 5, and everyone has one, will all of it be shared?
1 person doing 2% let’s say isn’t that much but if everyone is contributing depending on damage output it might be alot
Probably a waste of gear slot, but interesting none the less